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Excellence in Community - Partnership with Charity (LIC)

BWG Foods (SPAR)-SPAR Charity Program 3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide) ***WINNER***
SPAR Charity Program raises money for a particular charity of choice; this year it supported the 3Ts, also known as Turn the Tide of Suicide.  This charity was founded to inform the public of the escalating numbers of suicide in Ireland as well as to raise funds to research, educate and provide aid to those in need. 
This initiative promotes awareness through its network of stores throughout the country.  Its main objective is to give back to the communities in which these locations are placed.  SPAR has a number of activities to promote awareness and fundraise money (which include; publicly material, collection boxes, a contribution of one cent from SPAR Own Brand products and the sale of wrist bands) in every SPAR store among other activities. 

Dublin Airport Authority -DAA Charity of the Year 2011
The Dublin Airport Authority charity for the year of 2011 is the 3Ts (Turn the Tide of Suicide) as well as other charities that umbrella, including Pieta House, Dublin.  They have donated €250,000 to this charity this past year.  The money served as an aid to the development of a 24 hour helpline in Ireland.  
The DAA staff participated with every event the DAA sponsors to raise funds and promote awareness of the 3Ts.   It is difficult to determine how many lives have been saved, however they are confident that the money raised in 2011 have reached and educated the people who feel cornered to suicide.

Matheson Ormsby Prentice-The MOP Giving Programme
The main object of the Matheson Ormsby Prentice (MOP) is to give every child in Ireland an opportunity to achieve his/her full potential.  The MOP is partnered with other organizations whose focus primarily is attaining the optimum potential of children by nurturing, supporting and assisting children along the way.  MOP not only provides monetary support, it firmly believes that its philanthropy “programmes help those who are in need of assistance [and also] help socially enrich [the lives of Irish people] and within communities.
Teamwork and volunteers are the main participants in this initiative.  Its main focus is to be actively engaged and build relationships between volunteers and the partner organisations. 

Permanent TSB -Permanent TSB Foróige Youth Citizenship Programme and Ireland's Top Teen Awards
The Permanent TSB Foróige Youth Citizenship Programme and Ireland's Top Teen Awards is a programme that allows young people throughout Ireland to use their skills, talents, and attributes to make a positive difference in the community and society.  Over 12,000 young people took part in the programme and volunteered to make a difference in their lives automatically making their communities a better place to live. 
This initiative reaches 57,000 young people annually and it grows more each year.  One future goal for Permanent TSB is to be able to provide this programme to all of Ireland’s youth

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