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Excellence in Community - Partnership with Charity (MNC)

Dell -DELLighted to Support Daffodil Day
Dell engaged in DELLighted to Support Daffodil Day based on the high support amongst the staff.  Dell is funding the Irish Cancer Society as their partner.  Daffodil Day helps fund the people in need of home care to seriously ill patients.  Dell’s volunteers/staff are committed to make a success and one of its main objectives is to make a long lasting effect. 
This is a three year partnership.  In 2011 Daffodil day was successful raising more than what the goal was.  For next year, a higher goal has been set (€3.5 million).  An extensive media campaign has led to this grand success. 

IBM Ireland -IBM Centennial Grant - Cloud based solution for Irish Cancer Society ***WINNER***
IBM has developed a partnership with the Irish Cancer Society.   It has been awarded 1 out of 11 globally awarded Centennial Grants for the Irish Cancer Society Care. Both IBM and the Irish Cancer Society have been working close by on a system that will beneficial to the Irish public who receive special care and treatment.  They have   developed a solution that would make the process of managing the Care to Drive programme less manually intensive.  Fourteen of IBM’s employees have volunteered their time to create this programme and devote weekly time to get it on its feet and continue to drive it as the programme evolves.

Marks and Spencer -5 Peaks Challenge 2011
The Marks & Spencer (M&S) 5 Peaks Challenge saw 8 members of the M&S Ireland management team and 27 of their senior M&S UK colleagues climb the 5 highest peaks in Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in 48 hours in order to raise €250,000 for the Marie Keating Foundation.  This money earned will greatly benefit the cause because the  Marie Keating Foundation provides services such as mobile information units, support foundation’s New Beginnings (course that provides information to the people who have already completed their treatment for cancer), Foundation’s schools programme (delivers messages on cancer prevention), and it manages a nation comfort fund (people who are experiencing financial difficulty). 
The staffs were included in this initiative; all of the M&S stores conducting various fundraising activities.  There were also treadmills put in all of the M&S stores so that employees could walk the same 60km distance that other team members climbed and collected money from customers.  The public was informed by the use of traditional and social media outlets. 

McDonald's Ireland -McDonald's and the Ronald McDonald House
Ronald McDonald House Charities has been in operation in Ireland since 1997 and is the charity of choice for McDonald’s. Its main objective was to provide accommodation to the families of sick children.   With the support of crew, managers, franchisees and customers, the first Ronald McDonald House opened in Crumlin Hospital in 2004 and since then over 1500 families of sick children from across Ireland have stayed at the House. 
Due to the many establishments throughout the Country, McDonalds has been able to raise funds for its charity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, through special promotions through the all of the franchisees. 

Rabobank in Ireland -Rabobank partnership with Cork and Dublin Simon Communities
Rabobank has entered into a partnership with Dublin Simon Community and Cork Simon Community to help fund work in the “Food for Simon” Programme.  This programme works with people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.  Cork Simon Community and Dublin Simon Community provide accommodation and access to services such as healthcare, housing support, and educating people that have been excluded from society. 
This partnership involves a significant financial contribution as well as volunteering and fundraising by Rabobank Staff in Ireland.  The staff receives two community leave days per year.  One of these days must be with the charity partner.
Vodafone Foundation Ireland-Answer your true calling with the Vodafone Ireland World of Difference programme
World of Difference is an innovative programme by Vodafonewhich enables individuals to work for a charity of their choice, supported by the VIF.  It assists under-resourced charities by providing talented and passionate man power.  It facilitates projects that have a far- reaching impact on those communities with whom the charities work.  People can apply for the position and only four applicants are chosen to help a charity of their choice. 
The main objective is to improve the way that was in reach to the public since this programme had to resort to old applicants in the past years, not many people knew about it.  This year the results exceed the expectations of Vodafone.  There were new 400 applicants for this year’s programme.  World of Difference meets specific community needs by placing funds in the hands of those who are best placed to reach out to their local communities. 

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