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Excellence in Community – Community Programme (LIC)

Bord na Móna -Abbyleix Bog Restoration Project
Bord na Móna has signed a lease handing Killamuck bog over to the local community in Abbeyleix to manage for a period of 50 years with a primary focus on conservation as well as maximizing its benefits to the local community in terms of education, employment and recreation.  Bord na Móna’s objectives are to engage with the local community and other key stakeholders on a sustainable plan for the conservation, restoration and sustainable management of a local heritage treasure.  It also provides jobs for future generations and finally to restore damaged habitats as well as getting the community involved.

Croke Park Stadium - Croke Park Community Fund
The Croke Park Community Fund is an annual fund set up to help support the community groups and projects by providing resources to help them make a positive impact in the local community.  To date the fund has supported 114 groups and approved over €295,000 for local projects.
The Croke Park staffs participate in various ways; assess progress and the benefits of the local community as well as getting in touch with those applicants that need improvement on their applications.  The public is always up-to-date in regards to the development and growth of the initiative. 

Dublin Airport Authority -Community Sponsorship Programme
Dublin Airport strives to create an impact on the environment and immediate neighbours, as well as supporting economic growth and making a positive contribution to society.  The main objective of the initiative is for people to feel proud of the Dublin Airport and gain an understanding of how it operates, the benefits it brings to the locality and the work that is being done to minimize the impact it has on their particular community.  The initiatives take part in the core of the communities and usually run on a voluntary basis.  In 2011 there was 62 initiatives funded by the Dublin Airport Authority which included Business to Arts Awards, Dublin Theatre Festival, and Dublin Community Games among others.  Members of the staff volunteer and the Dublin Airport invests approximately €250,000 annually. 

EirGrid -EirGrid & SONI Schools Science Programme - From Power Station to PlayStation
The EirGrid and SONI Schools Science Programme – From Power Station to Playstation® is a travelling interactive live show incorporating the Lobby Lab that aims to demonstrate the history and role of electricity in our lives through a wide-ranging series of junior certificate science curriculum based experiments, demonstrations and presentations.  This initiative aims to create an understanding of the electricity transmission system in Ireland and Northern Ireland and EirGrid’s role in Irish society. A key deliverable of the programme is to promote an interest in science and technology among school students and to foster trust and create rapport within communities where EirGrid is developing projects. This initiative responds to a community need as it provides an educational platform for our students and their teachers and enables the promotion of maths, science and engineering to aid our economic recovery. Almost one fifth of EirGrid staff volunteered to be a part of this activity and we hope to engage with approximately 8,000 students in 2012.   

Ulster Bank -MoneySense for Schools ***WINNER***
MoneySense for Schools is a free education resource that teaches young people the vital finance and business skills they need for life as independent adults.  Delivered online, with 36 hours of engaging activities, it’s stimulating and fun programme for today’s i-pad generation.  MoneySense is used by 50%of secondary schools throughout Ireland.  Its current goal is to reach 90% of the 1,000 secondary schools in Ireland by 2015.  This programme has both business and social objectives for the users of the programme.  First to be able to be successful in the workforce, as employees and as entrepreneurs giving employment to others, the second reason; in the long term the potential to build a strong association between Ulster Bank and social purpose (financial capability), that resonates with customers and employees. 

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