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Excellence in Community – Community Programme (MNC)

BT Ireland -BT Connected Communities
BT Ireland’s Connected Communities helps people overcome barriers to communication.  It takes a deeper and more community focused approach rather than trying to appeal to everyone, BT hopes to build better connected communities and sustainable infrastructure for skills development and a lifelong learning across Ireland.  Their aim was to provide certified ICT training courses, access to BT fibre broadband in NI and wifi access in Rol free for one year, PC Hardware, train and the trainer sessions for staff in each community group among others.  
Staff served as volunteers at training sessions.  Last year a pilot phase was conducted from August to December and found satisfactory results and there are plans for the second phase. 

Covidien -Covidien Community Involvement Programme ***WINNER***
Covidien’s Community Involvement Programme encourages employees to donate time and fundraise for causes in the communities across Ireland where Covidien operates.  The programme enables employees to identify organizations they want to support.  It also frequently matches employees’ efforts, and make financial grants at employee suggestion. 
The main objectives for the Community Involvement Programme are to provide employees an opportunity to help the organizations that are important to their communities as well as raise funds money for those organizations.  This programme was successful; it held 22 events to raise money for over 40 organisations.  900 employees volunteered (60%) to make this programme a success. 

Microsoft Ireland -IT for Non-Profits
IT for Non-Profits is driven by Microsoft and its employees to enable the non-profit sector realize the potential of new technologies through training; mentoring and by making both the software and technology available to them.  The main objective of this Programme is to ensure that non-profits are aware of and avail of the many programmes that we make available to them to ensure they can get access to Computers, Software, and Training from Microsoft – free of charge. 
This programme is growing every year.  The number of computers given to non-profit organizations has increased by 60% every year, training has increased by 25% and software donations have increased by 30%. 

O2 -Think Big
Think Big is a programme designed by O2, Headstrong  and the National Centre for Youth Mental Health, which enables young people to deliver projects in their local community that make a difference to theirs and to other young people’s mental health.  This programme also provides them with the tools and necessary skills to make the positive changes in their live and communities.  Young people are encouraged to submit their ideas to the O2 Think Big website and those with successful projects receive a monetary allowance of up to €300 to get started on their proposition. 
Currently 144 projects have been approved since September 2010 and over 1500 young people involved in the Think Big programme.    The programme is open to all young people in Ireland between the ages of 14-25. 

Oracle -Sales Skill for the Community and Voluntary Sector
Oracle Direct is the telesales division of Oracle Corporation.  A pilot programme was implemented that allowed to share sales expertise with multiple C & V organisation, enabling each to improve sustainable fundraising potential through a training and mentoring program.  The Master Class in Sales with professional mentoring is an initiative that collaborates with Community and Volunteer organisations and transfers business skills and advice for purpose of innovative and sustainable fundraising capability. 
The staff serves as mentors and key to the success of this programme.  The initiative was run as pilot, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

Vodafone Ireland -Safety net: mobile and internet safety
Vodafone is one of Ireland’s leading telecommunications company and has a strong commitment to society.  Safety Net was created out of the recognition of the need for a solution to unwanted calls and texts.  An Irish solution gone global, Safety Net is available as a free app in Google Play.  This programme provides free easy-to-use tools that allow parents to understand the issues and protect their families.  The main objective is to open up communications between parents and their children on sensitive topics. 
This programme has been greatly successful.  Safety Net has been launched now in 10 countries where it has achieved more than 200,000 downloads globally. 

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