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Excellence in CSR Communication 2012 Shortlist

Abbott Ireland - Launch of Abbott Ireland's First Citizenship Report
Abbott Ireland launched its first citizenship report as a means of communicating its CSR efforts in Ireland.  Its purpose was to inform the public of its CSR strategy, goals, activities and engagement with stakeholders. 
This project was planned to coincide with the National CR Week in order to engage its employees.  It also used a variety of methods to inform the community such as; exclusive interviews with Abbott’s Divisional Vice President for Global Citizenship, photo releases to visually communicate the report to the general public.  There was also tailored press to the local media, direct mailing to partner organizations.

ARAMARK Ireland - Celebrate Irish Food Campaign
The main objective of ARAMARK Ireland’s Celebrate Irish Food Campaign was to increase the awareness of choosing sustainable Irish produce as well as supporting local suppliers and expressing affection for Traditional Irish Food.  
It was communicated both internally and externally though the workers and clientele.  Workers became the prime advocates to this campaign by promoting this to the clientele.  People were encouraged to submit their favourite recipes to create this years Celebrate Irish Food Recipe book.  The initiative was communicated to a large audience though the use of local media (newspapers, radio, Facebook, and company newsletter).  This campaign distributed over 400 recipe books and received over 200 responses from a national survey. 

Dell -Traditional and New Media combine to support Daffodil Day ***WINNER***
Partnership with the Irish Cancer Society and Dell; both combined created a high impact communications campaign by the use of traditional media coverage and the new social media.  The main objective of the campaign was to achieve great results and reach a great audience throughout the country. 
Methods of promoting the campaign:
• Online:  Dell presented the campaign online with the use of a banner on its homepage and its Facebook draw.  Also made use of a Twinborn and Hashtag to increase the view and popularity.
• Advertising: Over 1,100 outdoor advertising sites and Dell print Advertisements highlighting the Daffodil Day.  There was also coverage in all the ICS’s TV/Radio about this campaign.  As well as using Media Partners/PR platform: extensive coverage through 2FM to promote the campaign by the use of advertisements and promotions.
• Internal: Launched a campaign to maintain employees involved including; the 25th Daffodil Day birthday t-shirt competition, emails, awareness meetings held by the Society, etc.
The Campaign was a huge success due to the extensive national coverage exceeding its target by €230K to €3.4million (2012 figure TBC).

UPC Ireland-UPC Digital Inclusion Programme 2012
UPC Digital Inclusion Programme 2012 was a campaign launched to promote a safer and better use of a “digital environment” (TV, internet and digital telephony services).  There were three main parts to the UPC Digital Inclusion Programme; Safer Internet Day 2012, school talks by UPC employees and the launch of the Magic Desktop.  Its main objective was to establish a “digitally inclusive society where the benefits of the internet and wider communications technologies are enjoyed by all.”
Communication through the use of the TV, internet and digital telephony services as well as issuing press releases and traditional media coverage, and the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter were used.  Information videos were also made for the launch of the Internet Buttons and Magic desktop.  UPC Ireland’s staffs were informed and some volunteered to attend schools and give a presentation on safer and better use of the digital environment. 

Vodafone Foundation Ireland - Talk, Listen, Change
Talk, Listen, Change was launched by the Vodafone Foundation Ireland with the sponsorship of Dublin GAA.  Its main objective was to promote the mental health awareness and its prevalence in Irish society.  The initiative was communicated both internally and externally.  It commenced within staff, there were incentives for the staff to participate as well as meetings educating them on the subject.  Externally; all sorts of media were used for this initiative.  There were press conferences, TV interviews and appearances, Ambassadorial Support, and social media was used to promote Talk, Listen, Change.  The CEO of SOS noted that the coverage of this initiative exceeded their expectations.


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