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Accenture— Developing Conservation Agriculture and Building Skills to Succeed in Malawi and Zambia ***WINNER***
As part of its Skills to Succeed initiative, Accenture and Accenture Foundations support concern to provide Skills to Succeed in Conservation Agriculture to 6,400 farmers in Zambia and Malawi.  The project is training poor farmers in conservation agriculture techniques to achieve food security and produce surplus that can be marketed. 
As part of its commitment, Accenture is supporting Concern Worldwide to carry out a Conservation Agriculture (CA) project in Malawi and Zambia.  Accenture has awarded Concern a $1.5million grant for a 3 year project which commenced in July 2010. Key impact measurement activities include; a control group using conventional agriculture is included in the project, a baseline study, mid-term review and final impact evaluation are included in the plans to demonstrate the changes in crop yields attributable to CA, lastly; Mobile Phone Digital Data Gathering has proven invaluable in ensuring stringent monitoring and evaluation method.  

Arthur Cox – Arthur Cox Mwandi Project
Arthur Cox has a long tradition of philanthropy and charitable activity, including personnel in the firm doing pro bono and volunteering work.  The Arthur Cox Mwandi Project is a trainee-led initiative whereby a group of trainee solicitors volunteer in Mwandi, Zambia each year.  The objective of the Project is to raise standards of living and improve health facilities in the area, building the community for the future.  The project has served other 4,500 people and is still continuing to grow.
 The physical results are clear.  The clinic has been completely refurbished as well as the hygiene levels, access to electricity, running water and the funding provided for vaccines have resulted in the fall of fatality rates thanks to the clinic.  This initiative is communicated within the firm by email; the trainees make presentations to show the progress followed up by a briefing session. 

KPMG— Pathway to a Better Life
KPMG’s strong and sustained engagement with concern has resulted in make in a real difference to work being done on the ground in relation to engaging ‘in-country’ staff with KPMG secondees and contributing to empowering women in Haiti.  This programme offers people the opportunity to earn money in their own community.  Practical training is provided in the business, such as goat rearing that not only looks at that specific business but also skills like marketing and general business skills.  This initiative assists and advises people in how they manage their household budgets, how to save and to learn to manage their personal finances. 
KPMG has given funds directly to support the ‘Pathways to a Better Life’ project and has made a three year commitment to fund this programme.  KPMG updates all of the staff with the latest happenings as well as encouraging them to volunteer.

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