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Excellence in Community – Volunteering (LIC)

ARAMARK Ireland -ARAMARK Building Community Day - Ireland at Doras Buí
A team of over 100 ARAMARK employees volunteered to help Doras Bui, a community resource centre located in North Dublin.  Employees donated their time, energy and expertise and helped refurbish the entire centre, landscape its grounds and enhance the area to promote healthy eating and physical fitness.  The objective of this initiative was to link ARAMARK’s skills to help support families and help its partners run cleaner, safer and have more efficient facilities. 
Benefits for the stakeholders include volunteer activity that produce an enhanced facility at no charge of the city centre; the results, a cleaner and attractive city centre for inhabitants to enjoy. 

Arthur Cox -Special Olympics Ireland Volunteering
The Arthur Cox Special Olympics Volunteering initiative promotes and supports employees in planning, organising and volunteering at training events for Special Olympics athletes every year.  The aim of the initiative is to provide structured and focused volunteering opportunities for staff that allow them to comprehensively contribute to the community. 
The staff fully supports this volunteer initiative and provides as much assistance as possible to its staff volunteers.  This firm provides facilities, catering and equipment for even planning meetings and training. 

Portmarnock Ground Force -Portmarnock Ground Force
Portmarnock Ground Force is made up of retired men from the community.  The objective of the initiative was to re-engage older men, in retirement, into society as well as to provide comradry, information, assistance, education and support for retired men.  
The staffs are actively involved with the events that are held for this group.  They serve as advisors giving them tips on financial and legal advice as well as keeping fit and included in social outings. This is the first year of the initiative and currently holds 35 members.   

Ulster Bank -We're Local ***WINNER***
Ulster Bank’s Community Programme gives financial and people support to local community organizations that are struggling to deliver vital services in communities across Ireland.  Its aims and objectives of the initiative include engage people in order to build pride and involvement, make a difference to local communities throughout Ireland by using the skills, talent and time of its employees.  Lastly, give financial support to local good causes and charities that struggle to compete for funds with larger charity “brands.”   Ulster Bank’s work builds employee engagement, strengthens communities and builds its reputation as a helpful bank. 

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