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Excellence in Community – Volunteering (MNC)

BT Ireland -BT Volunteers for Ireland
BT Ireland’s volunteering programme underpins the company’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy.  It sits at the heart of its business.  The volunteering strategy underpins the three strategic pillars of the CR strategy for Ireland-Education & Skills; Digital Inclusion and being a Sustainable Business – and means all its CR programmes have strong volunteering ethos and framework for participation and involvement.
It main objectives are to recognise the involvement of its staff/community and their time; develop the skills and leadership capabilities of both staff and community.  Another of its objectives is to help the ladder gain insight and experience outside of our business, ultimately bringing that back into BT.

Dell -Flower Power - People Power ***WINNER***
Dell partnered with the Irish Cancer encouraged its team to be part of People Power by availing of paid time off work to complete the volunteer and fundraising activities for local communities.  Daffodil Day helps fund the people in need of home care to seriously ill patients.  Dell’s volunteers/staff are committed to make a success and one of its main objectives is to make a long lasting effect. 
By organising the Dell team members to work as volunteers and produced an effective and impactful volunteer programme in collaboration with society by helping create Daffodil day a huge success. 

O2 -Think Big Mentoring and Volunteering Programme
Think Big mentoring and Volunteering Programme provides O2 employees with the opportunities to volunteer in a number of different ways.  Annually O2 gives its employees a total of 15 volunteering hours to the charity of their choice within their communities or own company’s programmes.  With the volunteer hours initiative, O2 developed a mentoring program that brings its employees into direct contact with youth.  These mentors served as an aid to the ideas and suggestions for projects that the youth suggested.  Mentors are asked by O2 to give a minimum of three month commitment, to be available to do a day’s training in advance and ultimately work with its mentees in developing an action plan for their projects.

Rabobank in Ireland -Community Leave Policy
As a co-operative bank, Corporate Responsibility forms part of the ethos of Rabobank Group.  Rabobank in Ireland has placed a CR Strategy aligned to its parent.  The strategy consists of four pillars; marketplace, environment, workplace, and community.  Under the Community Pillar Rabobank allows two community volunteer days for the staff each year.  One of those days must be with Rabobank’s charity partner.  Also, the bank provides volunteering opportunities for staff with Junior Achievement.  This past year in 2011 a total number of 1046 volunteer hours was recorded, setting a record. 

Savills - Savills Ireland Making a Difference
Savills has supported charities and local and national community-related activities.  The aims of this initiative was to increase employee engagement through community and workplace activities, to build and enhance the reputation of Savills, to reinforce Savills’ credentials and finally to provide aid to a colleague in his recovery.  Employees from every level of the organization have been involved in some form on all of the activities.  Savills has adopted the Solas Project as their main project to participate as volunteers.  The Solas Project is designed to help children in risk of abandoning school due to social and educational disadvantages.  This project’s main objective is to provide children with activities (sports, entertainment) and creating a secure “home-like” environment.  Savills’ staff has also been able to volunteer in other good causes such as The Coombe (employees raised funds to donate to the Intensive Care Unit at the Coombe Hospital) and the Nicky Cleere Trust (colleague who suffered injuries during a hit and run accident).
The programs and causes have been greatly benefited from the aid it has received from Savills.  As a result of the aid, the children that are a part of the Solas Project have made better academic progress at school and have should better social and problem solving skills.  The Hospital used the funds donated to purchase equipment that was highly necessary.

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