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Aviva Health Insurance/Hewlett Packard/Mater Private Hospital— The Power of Pink ***WINNER***
In advance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2011, Aviva Health Insurance partnered with Hewlett-Packard and the Mater Private Hospital to launch an innovative breast cancer awareness and screening initiative entitled ‘The Power of Pink,’ a first in Ireland, offered the HP Ireland community free breast cancer screening on-site and follow up diagnostics. The initiative’s main objectives were to raise awareness of the early detection of breast cancer and educate the community about the screening programme, to highlight Aviva Health’s commitment to breast cancer research and awareness in Ireland and to demonstrate HP’s long-term support of employees and breast cancer awareness. 
The Power of Pink initiative was developed to meet workplace and need of ‘physical wellness’ in order to ensure that there is high employee and wider community awareness of breast cancer, to enable employees to get relevant information detection and treatment of breast cancer.  Aviva Health Insurance facilitated this initiative with its partners (HP Ireland and Mater Private Hospital) as a global employee health programme by recruiting a team of physicians and breast care nurses who would carry out the assessments.  Employees were part of this initiative as well as being invited to the events and activities offered.  This initiative was the first in its kind in Ireland and it exemplified the CSR objectives of all three partners. 

KBC Bank— Employee Wellbeing Programme
Due to the changing work environment in the banking sector and external pressures had the potential to severely impact staff morale.  KBC Bank Ireland’s Employee Wellbeing Programme was devised and delivered in 2011 to ensure that the company’s employees were empowered to meet these challenges and that positive support was provided to them.  The programme takes a holistic approach to employee wellbeing and focused on: managing stress, exercise and nutrition for a healthy lifestyle, managing personal finances. 
As a result, both management and staff were joint centrally involved in the Programme.  Activities were fully or partly-financed by the company.  Employees were granted extra leave to engage in activities or allowed to take time off during the working day.  Due to the high participation of the staff, this event was a success.  KBC Bank believes that employees are a key stakeholder and the Employee Well being Programme is a prime example of the bank delivering on its CSR agenda.
KPMG— KPMG Business School - supporting the drive towards a High Performance Culture
KPMG Business School is an innovative flexible approach to training new graduates, who are the most knowledgeable, professional and confident that they can be and who will continue to support the business’ drive towards the High Performance Culture. KPMG commitment to the future can be seen in its enhanced Graduate Training Programme - a programme that was expanded from four weeks training to eight (with investments of €2.3 million per year). 
Given the success of the launch of the KPMG Business School and the success of the initial months of the programme, there was a high level of employee engagement.  The staffs participate in some form of relevant training and development. 

Oracle— Oracle-Sports and Social Club for Oracle employees
Oraclub is Sports & Social Club that provides a range of diverse well-being activities to employees whilst offering great discounts on sports, music, theatre and family events.  Oracle believes in their dynamic employees and Oraclub helps create a dynamic environment for them to thrive in.  Its main goals from this initiative are to promote a healthy ‘work-life balance’ philosophy, provide a wide range of sport and social services to its members, to encourage participation from member at all levels and have a representative committee to ensure the entire business has input and lastly to ensure professional deliver of services and support the needs of members. 
Staffs are involved on all levels.  The Oraclub committee is made up of Oracle employees from various lines of business.  Membership has grown from 400 on 2006 to almost 700 in 2012 with incremental increase in each year and projections of continued growth for 2013.  Oracle is committed to using its technology and resources to advance education in innovative ways, protect the environment, promote diversity, and enrich community life.

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