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Excellence in Local Government (ELG) Awards 2016

Nov 24, 2016

The Excellence in Local Government Awards will be held in The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Santry on Thursday 24th November. The awards were established in 2004 to recognise best practice and innovation in Local Government. Categories for his year's awards include:

  •     Supporting Active Communities
  •     Best Practice in Citizen Engagement
  •     Health & Wellbeing
  •     Supporting Tourism
  •     Promoting Economic Development
  •     Local Authority Innovation
  •     Sustainable Environment
  •     Disability Services Provision
  •     Best Library Service
  •     Sustaining the Arts
  •     Joint Local Authority Initiative
  •     Festival of the Year
  •     Commemorations and Centenaries
  •     Outstanding Customer Service
  •     Enhancing the Urban Environment
  •     Heritage and Built Environment

All Local Authorities that enter the awards are in contention for the overall award of Local Authority of the Year.

Date: Thursday 24th November
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood, Santry
Ticket enquiries contact:

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