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Cork Chamber: Customs and Trade post Brexit: What do I need to know?

Sep 22, 2017

Most Irish companies are already aware that early planning and preparation is important in order to respond to the business challenges that Brexit will bring. This autumn, Enterprise Europe Network at Cork Chamber is teaming up with Carol Lynch, Partner in BDO Customs and International Trade Services, to deliver a half-day morning workshop entitled ‘Customs and Trade post Brexit: What do I need to know?’ This workshop will focus on preparing for possible customs controls and duties in Ireland-UK trade post Brexit, based on the various scenarios that may emerge. Whilst we do not know what (if any) trade agreement will be settled upon, it may take a number of formats. In short, companies will need to upskill to better understand these possible requirements and then prepare themselves accordingly.
The area of focus during the workshop will be on general practical customs requirements and these include:

  • What happens if we don’t have a Customs Union?
  • How much do customs and import duties cost?
  • What could the impact on import and export documentation be?
  • What will the practical customs requirements look like?
  • Understanding customs and import duty costs
  • Potential tariff rates and important VAT payments
  • Practical example regarding imports into Ireland from the UK and into Ireland from Europe crossing through the UK
  • Difference between airports and seaports versus the land border between North and South
  • Supporting documentation required by Customs
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