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Excellence in Local Government Awards

The Excellence in Local Government Awards showcase best practice in local government and recognise the skills, hard work, innovation and enthusiasm within local government that can often go unrecognised.

Applications are now closed for Excellence in Local Government Awards 2017


Irish local authorities are welcome to enter and can enter as many categories as they wish, but may only enter one project per category. The ELG Awards are judged by a panel of expert judges working in the field of local government.

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2017 Award Categories 

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Supporting Active Communities
Development in the local community is very important. This awards those projects which are socially aware and have made their local community a better place.

Best Practice in Citizen Engagement
This award recognises initiatives which involve a high level of citizen engagement, participation of members of the local community and collaborative projects between the Local Authority and local community.

Health & Wellbeing
This award recognises efforts by the Local Authority to promote health and wellbeing among the local community. Initiatives can include health programmes, sports programmes, outdoor recreation areas, development of facilities that promote health and wellbeing, awareness campaigns and more.

Supporting Tourism
Tourism is a vital part of the Irish economy and this award recognises the work of local authorities in promoting tourism in Ireland.

Promoting Economic Development
The relationship between businesses and local authorities is very important. This award is presented to the project which has enhanced this relationship and delivered innovative projects based on the direct relationship between local government and business, their primary funders.

Local Authority Innovation
This is a wide ranging award which recognises innovation at any level in any capacity within the Local Authority. Examples include use of new technologies, innovative methods of service delivery and projects that are unique and original.

Sustainable Environment
Awards the best environment initiative adopted in the local authority sector.

Disability Services
Best provision of services for the disabled, disability friendly workplaces, customer charters, signage and initiatives to help the disabled.

Best Library Service
Libraries are an important resource for a community. This awards the best in terms of service provided and availability of material.

Sustaining the Arts
This Award recognises initiatives which have helped the development of cultural aspects of a local area. It concentrates on the promotion of the arts.

Joint Local Authority Initiative
This award recognises excellent service delivery through the local authority’s partnership structures that raised the bar of services during the year.

Festival of the Year
Festivals have become a great way for towns, villages and areas to market themselves. This awards the best festival under a number of different areas. This award recognises the celebration of local heritage and the local community through the organisation of festivals and events.

Commemorations and Centenaries
To highlight the initiatives by Local Authorities to celebrate in centenaries and other landmark celebrations.

Outstanding Customer Service
An award presented for customer service procedures and practices which enhance the experiences of dealing with a local authority.

Heritage and the Built Environment
This award recognises any initiative by a Local Authority that promotes public interest in, and knowledge, appreciation and protection of local heritage. This can include enhancement or protection of the built environment e.g.: historic sites, promotion of cultural heritage, archaeological heritage, etc.

Enhancing the Urban Environment
This award recognises the improvement and enhancement of the urban environment. Examples of initiatives include programmes to keep the local area clean and tidy, improve the visual appearance of the local area, enhancement of local buildings, development of urban space, greening of urban spaces, etc.

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ELG Award Winners 2016

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