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Promoting Trade and Investment

Our primary focus for 2016 was to promote the opportunities for business through increased transatlantic trade was amongst our top priorities throughout 2016. Our focus has been to push for an SME-friendly trade deal between the EUand the United States. Chambers Ireland has been a strong supporter the TTIP negotiations, where economic studies project that Ireland, including its SMEs, will benefit more than any other EU country. Furthermore, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), between the EU and Canada, was signed on the 30th October 2016. As we move into 2017, we have identifed the following areas as being the priotiy areas for the Irish Chamber Network

  • The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) was signed by the EU and Canada on the 30th October 2016. This is now due to be ratified by the European Parliament and parliaments in all 28 member states, including Ireland in the first hald of 2017. CETA will remove over 99% of tariffs between the EU and Canada and will create sizeable new market opportunities for Irish business. To learn more, read our factsheet of visit the European Commission website.
  • The European Commission is scheduled to begin trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand, both of which will open new opportunities for Irish exporters
  • The UK si scheduled to exit the European Union before the end of 2019. We will be advocating that Government allocate increased resources with the objective of diversification of export markets in the short term. Ireland’s exporters are reliant on a relatively small number of countries, and with increased uncertainty as to trading conditions in the future, it is crucial that the objective of market diversification for SME exporters is both given attention and resources by Government in this strategy.

European Chambers of Commerce Delaration in Support of International Trade

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