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Local Government

Funding and Commercial Rates 

The current system of Local Authority funding needs to be revised and modernised. The methodology of calculating and levying commercial rates is archaic and unsuitable to the needs of the modern economy. We recognise that changing this system is a long term goal, but the transition needs to begin as soon as possible. The budgets of Local Authorities are highly dependent on funding from local businesses’ commercial rates. This dependence has increased while the Exchequer has decreased its total contribution to the running of local government. This overreliance is an increased burden on local business and a review of the current system should be undertaken

Supporting local economic development

Revitalising our town centres, enhancing the ability of the urban space to attract and retain businesses and retailers is essential for future local economic development in every region of Ireland. In 2015 Chambers Ireland worked to highlight the hard work and close cooperation that takes place between local Chambers and Local Authorities to support local economic development. There are many examples of successful cases of collaboration across the country. You can read the best practice guide, Initiatives to Support Local Economic Development.

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