Best Library Service

Local Authority Name:  Dublin City Council, Dublin City Public Libraries and Archive Services

Project Name: ‘Science All Around Us’ – Dublin City Public Libraries’ Science Programme for 2012

Project Description:
In supporting Dublin City of Science 2012, Dublin City Public Libraries provided a co-ordinated
programme of events, with a scientific dimension. Audiences of various age groups and socioeconomic groups participated in the programme, with attendance figures totaling 4,550 attendees, by end of November 2012.  162 events were organized and focused on many key aspects of science including: math, astronomy, climatology, ecology, engineering, and sustainable energy. Investment by external stakeholders, who have a professional expertise in science discipline, contributed to the success of a yearlong programme of activities in Dublin City Public Libraries.

Local Authority Name:    Wexford County Council ***WINNER***

Project Name:    Wexford County Library – Discover, Imagine, Grow!

Project Description:  
Wexford’s new County Library has become a central meeting place in Wexford City.   Forming part of the Town’s new Culture Spine, the new Library is a stunning piece of architecture nestled in historical heart of Wexford. 
The Library is a research and discovery zone, which has something interesting for people of all ages.  It can be explored alone or in a group for support and entertainment.  Engaging activities can be found every day and all offered for free. 

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