Innovation in Technology

Local Authority Name: Dublin City Council and its lead shared service homeless unit, the Dublin Region Homeless Executive ***WINNER***

Project Name:  Pathway Accommodation and Support System – Innovative technology to support interagency client case management in Homeless Services

Project Description:
PASS is an exciting and innovative project which provides Local Government, State agencies and the non-governmental sector with a shared client database which facilitates client assessment, support planning and interagency case management of people experiencing homelessness. Additional to facilitating multi-agency case management and support planning approach, the 24/7 management aspect of emergency homeless accommodation has allowed the DRHE to increase efficiency of bed occupancy to a rate of 99% of capacity, through the sharing of information between all statutory and voluntary homeless services. Over 97,000 placements into emergency accommodation took place in Dublin during 2011 and 2012, between over 30 organisations. The introduction of PASS allows Local Government to effectively manage, co-ordinate and monitor
the provision of homeless services in the four Dublin Local Authorities, and having established its efficacy will now be rolled out as a National Client Shared Database pursuant to Government policy as set out in Irelands National Adult Homeless Strategy, The Way Home.

Local Authority Name:  South Dublin County Council

Project Name: SOURCE South Dublin County’s Digital Archive

Project Description:
SOURCE both archives and provides access to digitized history and heritage materials relating to South Dublin County. The project was developed to, in a single workflow, (a) securely archive digital material with appropriate searchable descriptions and (b) make web-friendly surrogates of that archived digital material available to customers 24/7. SOURCE is the world’s first linked double digital archiving project based on DSpace Open Source software.  It is also the first multi-file type digital archive developed or implemented by an Irish public library service.
Customers are invited to contribute digital material online to the archive and to generate metadata for that material.
The project has delivered an enhanced online customer service; secure archiving and reduced staff time spent looking for and locating materials for customers.

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