Joint Local Authority Initiative

Local Authority Name: Cork City Council and Cork County Council ***WINNER***

Project Name: Cork innovates

Project Description: 
Cork innovates is a unique, collaborate initiative which aims to actively support job creation, the promotion of an entrepreneurial eco-system and the support of innovative business practices.  By promoting entrepreneurship Cork innovates aims to position the Cork region as the very best place to locate entrepreneurial business in all its forms, from a local, regional, national and international perspective.  

Local Authority Name:  Cork County Council and Cork City Council 

Project Name:  The Water Systems & Services Innovation Centre (WSSI), a partnership between Cork county Council, Cork City Council and Cork Institute of Technology. 

Project Description: 
The key goal of this Project is to create a Regional Innovation Centre to focus upon economic development in water and waste water and achieve the following targets: 
• Create a cluster of water industry service providers through leveraging the experience of the CIT in launching new and enhancing existing SMEs and combining this with the test bed opportunities provided by Cork city and county councils water services directorates. 

• Create highly targeted collaborations with industry and innovation projects e.g. funded by Enterprise Ireland. 

• To develop a portfolio of IP and other knowledge that enhances regional economic development through a project selection process that is applied through an appropriate governance process agreed by the partners. 


Project Name:  The “Climatlantic” Project’s Assessment and Demonstration of Measures to Reduce Electricity Consumption by Local Authorities

Project Description: 
The aim of this initiative, a collaborative venture between the South-East Regional Authority, Carlow County Council and Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency, was to identify and demonstrate best in class energy efficiency measures, in each of the Council’s main internal electricity-consuming activities – water supply, wastewater and buildings. The initiative was carried out as part of the Authority’s participation in “Climatlantic” an inter-regional project part-financed by the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG IVB Atlantic Area Programme.
This initiative is an excellent example of intra-regional cooperation between public agencies. The initiatives undertaken in “Climatlantic” have a high level of transferability to other local authorities across Ireland and the EU and would lead to significant energy savings across the EU public sector.

Local Authority Name:  Waterford City and County Councils

Project Name: The Waterford Gathering Project 2013

Project Description:
“The Waterford Gathering Project” is a joint Waterford City and County Council tourism and Diaspora initiative, establishing a Global Waterford Community Database, to connect local authority resources with the Irish Diaspora over-seas, as a sustainable legacy beyond the Gathering 2013.

Through the building of a new Waterford portal websit, the project achieved significant success as a leading agent of the Gathering project, animating community grass-roots and breaking into international markets. The connections developed over the year will provide a legacy for tourism initiatives in the future and feed into the continued positioning of Waterford as a tourism destination.

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