Outstanding Customer Service

Local Authority Name: Dublin City Council

Project Name: Dublin Free WiFi Project

Project Description:
Dublin City’s free Wi-Fi service provides free internet access at key destinations within Dublin city. The introduction of this service strengthens Dublin city’s reputation as a forward thinking and digitally inclusive city which promotes access to on-line services and information. The project is focused on making internet access more freely available to both the citizens of Dublin City and its visitors. The key aims of the City Council’s Wi-Fi project are to:

• Provide free public access to internet services at key destinations in the city centre.
• Introduce Wi-Fi as an aid to foster economic growth, making Dublin city centre a more attractive destination for citizens and visitors.
• Encourage increased diversity and vitality within public open spaces and streets which will serve to complement public realm enhancement schemes.
• Increase public access to on-line services and information.

Local Authority Name: Kerry County Council 

Project Name: Graveyards Project 

Project Description:
Graveyards are places apart in the physical and spiritual landscape. Our ancestors are laid to rest here and these places have developed their own history and mythology through the centuries. Graveyards are where we remember and where the separation that exists in the modern world between the living and the dead is bridged. The Graveyard Project has attempted to reintegrate these places of the dead into the lives of the living in a meaningful way through raising awareness, promoting sustainable management and providing accessible information on the long history of many of the graveyards and the life stories buried therein.

Local Authority Name: South Dublin County Council ***WINNER***

Project Name: Taking steps to be a Literacy- Friendly Local Authority 

Project Description:
South Dublin County Council is committed to providing high quality accessible and inclusive services to it’s customers. With this in mind, the Social Inclusion Unit has initiated a raft of procedures to ensure that SDCC is the first Literacy – Friendly local authority in the country. All websites, application forms, leaflets, signage and public information have been plain-English proofed, while Literacy Awareness training has been arranged for staff, particularly frontline staff.  This initiative has been developed with the co-operation and support of the National Adult Literacy Agency and is now embedded within the Council’s Customer Service Policy. The entire project is overseen by a steering committee, which ensures that all the action plans are implemented.

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