Parks and Recreation

Local Authority Name: Cavan Town Council

Project Name: Green Lough Nature Area

Project Description:
The Green Lough Nature Area has been developed as a public park that promotes sustainability, ecology and learning. The Green Lough had become disused, over grown and neglected. Cavan Town Council have created a park that has recaptured this one time popular amenity for the local community while also highlighting and protecting the ecological importance of the Lake and its wetlands. The park enables the visitor to learn about the history and ecology of the lake in an interactive way through the crannog interpretation area, insect hotels and the pike mound. The walk ways in the park are universally accessible and a smart phone app adds to the whole experience.  

Local Authority Name:  Clonakilty Town Council

Project Name: Emmet Square, Clonakilty 

Project Description:
Emmet Square is a unique example of Georgian Square. The design reflects best contemporary urban design practice by applying a ‘shared surface’ approach. The new 4.8m wide entrance of the Park is in an axis with the existing Michael Collins Statue to the north of the park and the Michael Collins House Museum at the south.This attractive entrance invites different users to walk in and use the park. Designed to be safe and accessible, it is ideal for children, cyclists, disabled users, while still offering a high quality recreation amenity to the entire community.New facilities are provided including: a water feature, low grass mounds for children’s play, armchairs, space for seasonal markets. The landscaping design, while reflecting the historical proportion of the park, complies with low maintenance practice. New architectural lighting makes the space safe and attractive at any time while engaging in harmony with its historical setting.

Local Authority Name: Dublin City Council ***WINNER***

Project Name:  Fairview Park Improvements Project

Project Description:
The land occupied by Fairview Park was originally a tidal mudflat which was used for landfill in the early 1900’s. It was then developed in the late 1920’s as a public park. Fairview Park now features a wide range of improvements combining active features such as a children’s playground that will keep even the most demanding child entertained for hours. Dublin city’s fourth  skateboard park, a woodland walkway, a public performance area and passive features such as seasonal bedding, and a social inclusion garden. Fairview Park also has an ‘I-Play’ area, the first of its kind in the city an active play and fitness area designed to attract those more used to playing computer games. These new facilities improve the park for children, young people and adults in Fairview, East Wall, Marino and the north inner city. 

Local Authority Name: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Project Name: Red Squirrel Conservation Project

Project Description:
The dlr Red Squirrel Conservation Project commenced in Killiney Hill Park when it became apparent that the small population of Red Squirrels had reached critically low levels.  If action was not taken this native animal that is endangered may have been lost to Killiney.  This would have been a significant setback as the park is one of the last two urban areas in Dublin where our native Red Squirrels remain (the other being Howth). The project involved the translocation of fifteen Red squirrels from Wexford to Killiney Hill in August 2012 and, after a transitional period in which the squirrels were held in a specially constructed cage, their release in early September 2012

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