Smarter Travel

Local Authority Name: Carlow County Council 

Project Name: Breathe – Carlow Active Town

Project Description:
In 2012-2013 Carlow County Council provided an additional 14.5 km of cycle path throughout the urban centre of Carlow Town. Part of this was the provision of a linear park/cycle path along the full length of the River Burrin in Carlow Town. The project provides high quality on and off road links between communities and places of interest in Carlow Town. The project will help promote sustainable travel and is providing a safe, attractive and healthy alternative to using the private car for shorter trips. The scheme has had a strong emphasis on the quality of finish and features over 250 mature trees and highly landscaped areas. This project will benefit everybody who travels in around Carlow Town and educate the future populations on the benefits of sustainable travel. 

Local Authority Name: Cavan Town Council ***WINNER***

Project Name: Cavan Town Smarter Travel Scheme

Project Description:
Cavan Local Authorities are currently implementing the Cavan Town Smarter Travel Scheme which involves the provision of a series of independent Smarter Travel projects borne out of the Cavan Town and Environs Walking and Cycling Strategy.  The aim of the strategy is to reduce the current dominance of car based travel within the town and its environs and to encourage the use of more sustainable transport modes.
To date the project has included the implementation of 2.5km of footpath, 6km of cycle lanes and an additional 13km of cycle lanes currently under construction, on various approaches to Cavan Town. These facilities are implemented in conjunction with traffic calming measures and the provision of bicycle shelters at strategic locations throughout the town. 
This scheme will provide significant benefits to the wider community and specifically to the major employers and educational facilities in the town where the greatest impacts can be achieved.  

Local Authority Name: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Project Name: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Cycle Network Study

Project Description:
A Cycle Network is defined as a collection of connected routes that follow logical corridors between zones or urban centres. The purpose of generating a cycle network is to connect the main attractors within the County and to provide effective through-movement for cyclists. In short, it is to get cyclists where they want to go along continuous, direct, safe and attractive routes and encourages cycling as a viable travel mode. The purpose of the assessment was to identify what facilities are in existence, identify the quality of these facilities, propose areas where new facilities should be provided (or what gaps in the existing routes needed to be completed) and to generate a prioritisation list of upgrade work based on a combination of statistical analysis and on-site investigations. 

The Cycle Network will also assist in identifying areas for cycle training, generation of promotional maps and apps and will facilitate the promotion of cycle tourism in the County.

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