Sports Development

Local Authority Name: Carlow Local Authorities ***WINNER***

Project Name: McGrath Park Integrated Community Sports Facility.

Project Description:
McGrath Park Integrated Community Sports Facility provides a unique opportunity for “cross pollination” of sporting activities including  GAA, Soccer, Tennis, Pitch & Putt and Cricket, who to work together to ensure that the people of Muinebheag and  Co. Carlow, enjoy a wide range of diverse sporting activities in a modern state of the art facility. Participants of one particular discipline have been actively exposed to others and now many participate in a suite of sporting activities.  All clubs work in partnership to ensure that the McGrath Park Integrated Community Sports Facility continues to carry out the wishes of the original benefactor Daniel McGrath and guarantee the people of Muinebheag continue to have a safe space in which to continue their strong tradition of sport.

Local Authority Name:  Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council

Project Name: DLR Waves – Women’s Football

Project Description:
DLR Waves provides girls/women’s football in partnership with local clubs, and seeks to make this experience affordable and available for all interested participants. This is done through a series of successful community based participation programmes, academy and senior team training within the local community,  with a complete developmental pathway for girls /womens football , offering participants from 3years of age to senior women’s, a positive learning and team experience along with the opportunity to create life-long memories. 
DLR Waves  Snr team, Academy and community developmental programmes are run by highly qualified UEFA licensed coaches who have experience at professional, international, regional and local levels. 

Local Authority Name: Fingal County Council 

Project Name: The Sporting Facts Programme 

Project Description:
Sporting Facts is a 7 week education and sports programme, delivered in primary schools throughout Fingal. The programme offers a combination of classroom based and physical activity sessions, which improves the pupil’s fitness and activity levels and through the use of child-centered games and puzzles the children learn reasons and advantages of exercise and healthy lifestyles. The programme focuses on 4 main areas; How, When and Where to undertake physical activity, the physical benefits, the mental benefits and the social benefits of physical activity. While  the physical activity aspect is delivered as Sports Conditioning, which teaches young people the basic motor skills that are central to all sports, the programme, also helps teachers’ to enhance their skills and ability to deliver the P.E. curriculum.

Local Authority Name: Kildare County Council/ Kildare Sports Partnership

Project Name: Community Sports Leaders Programme

Project Description:
The Community Sports Leader Programme (CSLP) is a training initiative provided by Kildare Sports Partnership. The programme is designed to meet the needs of unemployed people who wish to become involved in health/fitness instruction, sports coaching and sports leadership at community level. The Community Sports Leaders Programme offers a combination of sports coaching, lifestyle management, and health/fitness workshops through which participants can partake in sample practical activities, become informed of further education pathways and be introduced to the possible employment opportunities available through their future involvement in sports coaching, leadership and health/fitness activities at local or community level.

Local Authority Name: Wexford Borough Council

Project Name: The Rocks, Wexford Town

Project Description:
The area known as the Rocks is a hidden gem within the town of Wexford. A natural park area spread over and through large rock formations and home to a unique mix of biodiversity, informal walking trails and great views of Wexford Harbour, the area was an underutilized natural amenity less than 10 minutes walk from Wexford’s main street.  

Traditionally a hive of activity with locals, the area had grown to become problematic; known locally as a den for illegal drinking, bonfires, dumping and unsafe to use, particularly after dark.  In 2006 under the Wexford RAPID programme, the Borough Council began a new approach – to work with the local community to turn a problem park area into a local sports and leisure amenity. 

Over the past 7 years, the Rocks Project has fostered community ownership and delivered significant on-site facilities through the Borough Council and local community working collaboratively.

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