Supporting Active Communities

Local Authority Name: Cavan County Council

Project Name: Castle Saunderson International Scout Centre

Project Description:
The development of the International Scout Centre has been a partnership between Scouting Ireland, the Northern Ireland Scout Council, Special European Union Programmes Body and Cavan County Council.  This Centre can cater for 1,000 people at any one time and has indoor accommodation for 46 people with state of the art modern facilities.  The campsite will provide a neutral space in natural surroundings where young people can meet.  The programme of outdoor activities designed for young and old will encourage people to develop their creative talents, show initiative and ultimately to show respect for each other.  
The Centre has achieved international recognition and has been designated a World Peace Centre by the World Scout Foundation, one of only five internationally.

Local Authority Name:  Cavan Town Council 

Project Name:  Cavan Town Fit Box

Project Description:
Cavan Town Council recognised the need to provide positive sporting opportunities for young people living in local authority estates in the RAPID area, particularly at a time of high youth unemployment. Cavan Sports Partnership strategic plan ‘Sport for Life, Sport for all’ identified socially and economically disadvantaged communities and the unemployed as key targets for physical activity. Following consultation with the local community by the Town Council, a Beginners Fit Box 2013 programme was carried out in partnership with Cavan Sports Partnership and Cavan Boxing Club in the clubs newly located facility in Cavan adjacent to nearby Local authority Housing Estates over an 8 week period. The programme was predominantly a physical activity intervention but had an aim to enhance different aspects of mental health such as confidence, esteem and social skills. In the programme coaches focused on lifestyle and nutrition in order to inform and educate the participants about body shape and image. 

Local Authority Name:  Dublin City Council

Project Name:   Hike It. Bike It. Like It. Drimnagh!

Project Description:
Hike It! Bike It! Like It! Drimnagh is a partnership project between Dublin City Council, the
Drimnagh community and other stakeholders aimed at getting people in Drimnagh to walk,
cycle and use public transport more, with an emphasis on shaping a healthier, cleaner and safer
community and environment. The project began as a national Smarter Travel Initiative but
became about community empowerment, health, society, local economy and sustainable living.
In the absence of capital funding Dublin City Council in partnership with the Drimnagh
community took ownership of and re-branded the smarter travel project, agreed a structure for
communication and engagement and a plan for going forward. This project is a model of best
practice for collaborative action, for achieving real changes in travel behavior through relatively
little investment.

Local Authority Name:  Kerry Local Authorities ***WINNER***

Project Name: Building Community Resilience

Project Description:
This project involves an undertaking between the Community and Enterprise Department of Kerry County Council and the Community and Voluntary Forum in Kerry.  The project had its origin in the response to the severe weather and the ensuing difficulties encountered during the winter of 2009 into 2010, wherein for quite a period of time in December through to January extensive snow and ice caused difficulties for communities throughout our County.  
The aims of the project are to ensure that those most in need receive vital information and assistance during severe weather and to ensure that communities are resilient in the face of difficult weather conditions.  The objective of the project is to ensure that the community spirit, which has always been a significant part of community life in Kerry, is maintained and that the community resources are harnessed in a way that ensures that the community, with the assistance of the Emergency Services, is able to help itself in these situations. Collaborative action is key to this programme.

Local Authority Name: South Dublin County Council

Project Name: South Dublin Traveller Culture Schools Project

Project Description:
South Dublin County Council Traveller Culture School’s project was launched during Traveller Pride week 2012. The project was initiated by the Social Inclusion Unit of South Dublin County Council seeks to promote positive relationships between Travellers and school children in local schools and seeks to develop the skills and confidence of local Travellers to facilitate conversations on Travellers’ way of life and culture. The project was funded by the Department of Justice and involved 11 Travellers, 10 schools and a total of 400 pupils. The project has been ongoing since October 2012. 

It has been a tremendous success in helping to build understanding between the 2 communities as well as an understanding of the different ways of life.  Furthermore it has assisted the travelling community to build confidence and for Traveller students to be proud of their way of life.

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