Sustaining the Arts

Local Authority Name: Carlow County Council:

Project Name: Panchaea: In Search of an Equal Utopia and a Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Project Description:
Panchaea is an ambitious socially engaged art project developed to enable the local community in County Carlow to address the loss of sense of self, social stigma and isolation that occurs for people living with mental health issues. Commissioned by Carlow Local Authorities in partnership with the HSE, this project produced an exemplary model for engagement, and has had a transformative effect on people living with mental illness. 

Local Authority Name:  Cavan Town Council and Cavan Arts Office ***WINNER***

Project Name:  Trans-art Cavan 2012

Project Description:
Trans-art Cavan 2012 was an exhibition of contemporary art.  It was an extensive series of performances, workshops, talks, installations, film, graffiti art and exhibitions. Trans-art Cavan was a project-based initiative established to support and promote contemporary art in Cavan, using strategic partnerships involving business, civil society and local authorities working together for the arts provision in Cavan.  Trans-art Cavan was the biggest contemporary art event in Cavan, involving 40 volunteers and drawing huge crowds.

Local Authority Name: Monaghan Town Council 

Project Name:  Garage Theatre, Monaghan

Project Description:
The Garage Theatre was established in 1993 in a disused ward on the grounds of St. Davnets Psychiatric Hospital, Old Armagh Road, Monaghan.  The Theatre takes its name from a reference in local writer Pat McCabe’s book “The Butcher Boy” (Francie’s mother has a breakdown and he says she has gone into the Garage to get it fixed).  The seating capacity was extended by 20% in 2000. 
In March 2013 the Garage Theatre, costing €6m relocated to a state-of-the-art building as part of Monaghan Education Campus.  It accommodates an audience of 300 patrons and an 80 seat studio/rehearsal space.  The theatre seating is retractable so that the main auditorium space can double up for set design and film production.  In addition there is a film screen large rehearsal space, lighting control room, changing rooms, box office, administrative offices and bar.  The total area is 1940m2.  As with all other buildings on the campus it is fully accessible by less able-bodies patrons.  

Local Authority Name:   South Dublin County Council

Project Name: Tenderfoot

Project Description:
In its seventh year, TENDERFOOT is an annual access theatre programme for 40 young people ages 15 and 16 that is based on the concept of apprenticeship.  It was originally conceived & implemented by South Dublin County Council Arts Office & The Civic Theatre in 2007 and involves the participation of Transition Year students from eight different schools in the County.  

Tenderfoot participants work as an artistic ensemble to write, design, stage-manage and perform their own original work.  TENDERFOOT is based on an apprenticeship model and provides young people with an opportunity to learn about theatre in a hands-on way. Learn by doing. Learn by working alongside experts in their field.  

Tenderfoot is a gateway programme that sustains the arts through building new audiences and makers for theatre. 15 – 25 year olds are the demographic most absent in theatre attendance

Local Authority Name: Westmeath Local Authorities 

Project Name:  Luan Gallery

Project Description:
Luan Gallery, established in 2012, is Athlone’s municipal visual art gallery, the first of its kind in the midlands region. Dedicated to showcasing and celebrating visual arts practice from the midlands and beyond;  Luan Gallery plays host to a varied programme of exhibitions, events, courses and workshops.
Situated in the renovated and extended Fr Mathew Hall, the spectacular Shannon side site offers exquisite views and a tranquil setting in which to enjoy the art works on show. Admission to the gallery is free. Luan Gallery is a social space at the heart of Athlone, guided tours and group workshops are available and community engagement is at the forefront of all activity.

Local Authority Name: Wexford County Council 

Project Name: Arts Ability

Project Description: 
Arts Ability is a person-centered arts programme where individuals who experience mental health issues and/or intellectual, physical or sensory disabilities can engage in arts initiatives of the highest quality so they may achieve their maximum potential.

Removing the barriers to arts participation, it delivers a diverse range of high quality arts experiences based on meaningful engagement between participants and professional artists. 

Artists and participants work together as part of a partnership involving Wexford County Council, the Arts Council, HSE Disability and Mental Health Services and partner venues. The project reached new heights over the last 12 months with the production of a nationally celebrated anthology, an international exhibition and a National Healthcare Award.

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