Best Chamber Marketing Campaign

Making the business community aware and appreciate the work of the Chamber is important in maintaining success. Campaigns aimed at highlighting the work of the Chamber generally or specifically on individual projects is vitally important.

Overall winner:

Mullingar Chamber – Winterfest Mullingar 2018

Mullingar Chamber set the task of creating Mullingar as the primary Christmas destination in the midlands through creation of Winterfest Mullingar, a six week winter festival that would be headlined by the launch of Mullingars first ever ice-skating rink and a modernised Christmas Market in Mullingar Town Park while also incorporating the promotion of local businesses and events.

Mullingar Chamber implemented a multi-faceted, cross channel campaign that combined traditional advertising such as local newspapers and radio but also more modern channels such as social media, email marketing and in particular Facebook Advertising. The Chamber placed a heavy emphasis on digital marketing and implemented a range of sophisticated advertising tactics such as remarketing and Messenger Chatbots.

Overall the campaign was incredibly successful, with ice skating ticket sales exceeding targets by over 17,000 tickets and over 100,000 people visiting Mullingar. The Chamber also generated significant national media coverage from major publishers such as RTE, Newstalk, Irish Independent, The Irish Times, RSVPLive, and TheJournal which showed the potential Mullingar has a popular visitor destination. Of particular note, was a dedicated onsite feature during the Christmas Market weekend on RTE News which showed the impact of Winterfest on the local economy.

Other shortlisted projects:

Ballina Chamber – Other Voices Ballina
On the 28th and 29th September 2018, the vibrant town of Ballina in Co. Mayo provided a stunning backdrop to Other Voices, the internationally acclaimed music television series and arts festival, which has travelled countless roads over the past 17 years.

Ballina hosted story, conversation, debate, a weekend of live music, creative partnerships and diverse discussions with artists and speakers from across the world. Other Voices TV recordings were taken in the 225-year old St. Michael’s Church while the Other Voices Music Trail ran across a multitude of venues, bars, pubs and clubs throughout the town. “Ireland’s Edge Ballina”, an annual culture and creativity conference, offered a mixture of debate, performance and discussion contributing to the positioning of Ireland (particularly rural Ireland) as a viable, dynamic location for world leading developments in creative technology industries. Irish and international acts performed in Ballina over the course of the Festival.

Cork Chamber – The Cork Chamber Gift Card

Cork Chamber launched the Cork Chamber Gift Card on the 5th of November 2018 in partnership with One4All, Ireland’s leading multi-store gift card. The campaign aimed to support retailers and businesses in Cork as well as introduce an innovative mechanism for companies to help drive spend in the local economy and support local businesses and jobs.

There were two key aspects to the campaign, initially growing the list of participating retailers and businesses accepting the gift card; and secondly to drive the sales of the gift cards. The most important aspect of the gift card campaign was to communicate three key messages. Firstly, that the card can only be used in the Cork region therefore supporting local businesses; secondly that there was now a mechanism for companies to make a tangible contribution to the local economy through their staff reward programmes; and finally that the gift card offered huge choice to the recipient of where to spend.

A robust communications and marketing plan was devised between Cork Chamber and One4All, comprising print, digital and other promotional activities in order to entice retailers and businesses on board to accept the card as well as to drive sales.

Dublin Chamber – Dublin Comes to Dinner… unannounced!’

Dublin Chamber wanted to broach a subject/myth that causes much debate between Dublin and the rest of the country: “Why does Dublin get everything?”. Dublin Chamber tackled the subject in a humorous way, shooting a comedy sketch where Dublin arrived unannounced to a dinner party organised by Cork, Limerick, Galway & Waterford. The sketch generated positive feedback and upwards of 150k views online – generating great publicity for Dublin Chamber and, crucially, the issue of Dublin’s role in the national economy. The video was produced as part of an initiative carried out by Dublin Chamber in 2018 called ‘A National Conversation’, which sought to explore Dublin’s role as Ireland’s capital and to increase the amount of co-operation between the five main cities in Ireland.

Gorey Chamber – Gorey ‘Digital Town’ campaign

Spiralling house prices in the capital means multinationals are once again looking beyond Dublin to expand their businesses. With more and more companies looking to expand into the regions, enterprising towns like Gorey are positioning themselves as the tech hubs of the future. The Gorey Chamber’s ‘Digital Town’ campaign brought local businesses together to showcase the town’s tech credentials to a national audience, culminating in the town’s designation as Ireland’s first ever “Digital Town” by the IE Domain Registry (IEDR).

The Digital Town marketing campaign aimed to position Gorey as a destination for the relocation of high-tech companies.

  • Launched “De-commute” concept via national media, landing full page in Irish Independent.
  • Selection of Gorey as Ireland’s first ‘Digital Town’ becoming the first town to host IEDR Internet Day outside Dublin
  • High profile launch of Digital Town brand with major tech players including Virgin Media and Cisco.
  • Coverage from Internet Day featured across the national media landscape
  • More national coverage was secured highlighting Gorey’s ‘smart schools

Letterkenny Chamber – ShopLK – Love Shopping Letterkenny
ShopLK was initiated by Letterkenny Chamber in 2004 with the aims of promoting local shopping and in support of local jobs. In the early days it was a promotional campaign only running seasonal campaigns in partnership with local retailers. In 2006 the ShopLK voucher scheme was added. Used primarily as a method of giving staff bonuses and therefore was, in the main, a Christmas campaign.

From 2006 to 2015 the paper voucher scheme continued to grow with a full-scale re-branding in 2009. After the re-branding sales started to grow by 25% to 30% each year. The extent of the scheme was such that it was necessary to move to a highly regulated Gift Card scheme. This move was completed in 2015. The system is powered by Mastercard but operates on a limited network so that cards cannot be used outside the Letterkenny area. All monies loaded on to the cards will be spent in the Letterkenny economy.

ShopLK, Love Shopping Letterkenny, is now a well-recognised brand and has now developed into a very successful Town Gift Card Scheme and retail promotion campaign for the town of Letterkenny as a whole.

Sligo Chamber – Life is for Living #LifeisSligo

LifeIsSligo is a mini-film that is part of a multi-platform content marketing campaign conceived by Sligo Chamber to encourage people to think of Sligo in a new way – as the perfect place to do business, carve out a rewarding career and enjoy a great life. Sligo Chamber identified a clear need from members for a visual asset they could use to show prospective talent and clients what Sligo was like as a place to work and live in. The ‘Life is Sligo’ film combined footage from some of the county’s workplaces with gorgeous shots of the many locations where people work, eat, drink, exercise and unwind in Sligo. With Sligo enjoying something of ‘a moment’ in recent times thanks to a string of positive jobs announcements and business openings, the film captures that sense of fresh possibility – and reshapes Sligo’s image as a serious business destination for firms and entrepreneurs – challenging perceptions that is simply a nice place to visit, or just a holiday destination. Sligo means business.

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