Engagement with the Sustainable Development Goals


County Kildare Chamber


Sustainable Kildare

Sustainable Kildare is a year-long climate action programme for businesses led by County Kildare Chamber and sponsored by Intel. The programme is running in 3 stages in the form of an online Championship where businesses can participate and compete with each other by partaking in and logging eco-friendly activities over a 3-week period – an example of these activities might include taking a shorter shower, walking or taking public transport to work instead of driving, or turning off unnecessary lights/ electronics. These activities are logged on an app known as ‘Ducky’.


Cobh & Harbour Chamber – Networking Series with the Simply Blue Group

Working with Simply Blue Energy and Shell to host networking events to inform and connect all relevant stakeholders in the sustainable development of the Cobh and harbour area. The group brings a deep local knowledge and expertise in floating technology.


Cork Chamber – Sustainable Cork Programme

The Sustainable Cork Programme (SCP) is framed through the powerful lens of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is energised by their thriving business community. It promotes progressive action across each of the SDG’s that can lead to greater economic resilience.


South Dublin Chamber – Connecting with our Community

Action-orientated initiative that enables businesses to implement SDGs in conjunction with the broader South Dublin community for the benefit of all.


Waterford Chamber – Waterford Green Deal

The Waterford Green Deal initiative is made up of Waterford Chamber, Waterford City & County Council and Waterford Institute of Technology. It includes goals such as Waterford’s target of becoming carbon neutral by 2040. Ongoing promotion, webinars and educational fora took place through the year to ensure the sustainability message is accessible to all.


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