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Abbott – Abbott’s commitment to strategic volunteering

Abbott understands that STEM plays an increasingly important role in the future of our planet, particularly in developing the healthcare solutions needed. By inspiring young people today, Abbott can help produce innovators of tomorrow.  Inspiration makes fuller lives possible and Abbott work with a range of important stakeholders to help make such inspiration happen, leveraging employee’s time, skills and passion for volunteering. Volunteering is embedded in Abbott’s culture. They are proud of the knowledge, skills and strengths of their employees and will ensure that these skills and expertise are utilised in the community to make positive impacts for years to come.

Fujitsu Ireland – Fujitsu Ireland Volunteering Programme

The Fujitsu Ireland Volunteering programme has been an ongoing initiative for the past 10 years. They have three primary philanthropic relationships, their charity partner: the National Council of the Blind Ireland (NCBI) and their historical charity relationships, St. Joseph’s School Rush & St. Michael’s House for the intellectually disabled. NCBI & Fujitsu Ireland entered into a 24 month charity partnership in April 2016. One of the main objectives for this charity partnership was to reduce the extraordinarily high unemployment rates among working age people with sight loss through a number of activities including fundraising, advocacy and professional skills volunteering. Similar community enhancement goals are outlined in our Volunteering strategies for St. Joseph’s School Rush & St. Michael’s House for the intellectually disabled.

Microsoft Ireland – Microsoft Cycling Challenge for LauraLynn

Microsoft’s Cycle Challenge has seen Microsoft employees undertake 4 challenges to date cycling 2,350 kilometres around the country to fundraise for LauraLynn, Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice. 200 Microsoft employees have volunteered their time in the challenges over the years and successfully fundraised €200K for the organisation. The money raised will support LauraLynn in their provision of palliative care and support for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. The services LauraLynn provide are vital to many families across Ireland with a large of part of their funding depending on donations and fundraising. Over the past number of years Microsoft have developed a strong connection with LauraLynn, providing them with software donations and technology training with employees have collectively become passionate about supporting the cause.

VMWare International Limited – VMWare Cork Giving Network

Through the Cork Giving Network, the entire VMware Cork workforce of over 1000 people make a long lasting positive impact by using 40 service learning hours to give back to the community and take part in VMware’s various initiatives such as Coder Dojo, Age action, and Women Back to Work.. By creating and cultivating relationships with many charities and non-profits in the Cork area the Cork Giving Network organize recurring and ad hoc volunteering opportunities. This in turn makes it easier for volunteers to put back more into the environment, society and the global economy than they take.

With a mantra of “Serve-Learn-Inspire” the VMware Cork Giving Network ensures that VMware’s employees have the opportunity to volunteer with the charities and non-profits of their choice. In 2017, over 70% of VMware Cork’s employees participated in initiatives promoted by the VMware Cork Giving Network.

Workday – Workday: Giving & Doing Programme

Workday’s Giving and Doing programme provides skills-transfer and grant aid to worthy causes in the immediate community of its EMEA headquarters, driven by its employees, ensuring Workday lives as a responsible and participatory citizen in Smithfield, Dublin 7.

Last year, individuals and teams participating in the Workday programme volunteered over 2,100 hours with local causes.In parallel, the financial impact of the Giving and Doing programme grows each year. This year individual donations, with Workday matching them, generated €52,000 and team grants generated €30,000.

As a result, the volunteering programme has grown to include individual volunteer grants of up to €400 in donations, team volunteer grants with up to €4000 in donations per team volunteer project, team athletic grants, where donations are made by Workday for teams competing in athletic activities for a cause and a matching gift donation programme, allowing employees to double their donation to any qualified charity.

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