Excellence in CSR Communication

Aldi – Aldi Forlóige Partnership

Aldi Ireland partnered with youth organisation, Foróige to support Foróige’s mission of the development of young people in villages, towns and cities across Ireland. As part of their partnership, Aldi became the sponsors of the Youth Citizenship Awards in 2015 to help Foróige build their profile and increase the level of participation in the Awards. The Youth Citizenship Awards celebrates the Foróige Youth Citizenship Programme, which aims to empower young people to use their talents and initiative to make a positive difference in their communities.

With Foróige’s network of over 600 youth clubs across 26 counties, and Aldi’s store network operating in every county in the Republic of Ireland, Aldi recognised the potential positive impact it could have on communities across Ireland by partnering with Foróige. Aldi aimed to increase awareness of Foroíge and to encourage active engagement of more youth clubs with the Awards.

Carbery Food Ingredients – Carbery Connects

Carbery Connect depicts the CSR communication activities employed by Carbery Food Ingredients. Central to those activities was the deployment and production of digital stories by its farmer suppliers, where farmers in the Carbery Greener Dairy Farms project chronicled their sustainable farming experiences through the digital story medium. Those stories have been circulated through social media but also through traditional media via the local newspaper. Carbery connect has allowed staff to become much more involved in Carbery’s CSR activities and customers like the CSR direction the company is taking.

Diageo Ireland – St. James’s Gate Quarter – Conversations at the Gate

In October, Diageo announced plans to transform part of St James’s Gate into one of Ireland’s and Europe’s most dynamic and sustainable urban quarters. As part of Diageo’s commitment to sustainability, St James’s Gate – Conversations at the Gate is a programme designed to engage with as wide a range of local and national stakeholders as possible. The aim was to both share their ambition and also to understand the views of as many people as possible about what a world class urban quarter should be.

In terms of media coverage of the project launch, the total PR Value was €4,200,649.41 With their community booklet, Diageo reached 5,000 homes and many multiples of that in terms of readership.

1200 visitors were recorded on their website, with more than 5000 page views. Local community feedback has been incredibly positive with great excitement and positivity about the Quarter and the future development.

Lidl Ireland – A Better Tomorrow

Lidl hit the ground running in early 2017 with the internal and external launch of “A Better Tomorrow”. Since the launch, they have regularly shared their progress on their growing communications channels to inform and engage stakeholders, asking them to join their journey to become a more sustainable business. CSR is not a department in Lidl – it is now embedded in the DNA of the business. Their vision for CSR is a shared one from senior management level right down to the grassroot teams in the business. Lidl’s ambitious strategy covers key areas that impact on their daily operations – Responsible Sourcing, Protecting the Environment, Business Partnerships, Team Lidl and Lidl in the Community. They are proud of what they’ve achieved so far and are dedicated to going even further over the coming years.

The Taxback Group – GroupLife

The Taxback Group’s GroupLife program seeks to provide their staff, their clients, and their communities with an inclusive, structured, and dedicated approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. Their staff-driven approach to community involvement and communication seeks to maximize the engagement, and impact of all the positive things they do.

The message is clear, Corporate Social Responsibility is in everyone’s interest, so let’s get everyone involved.

Tesco Ireland – Tesco’s ‘No Time for Waste Community Chill’ Campaign

‘No Time for Waste Community Chill’ campaign provides funding for food related causes to receive more surplus food donations from its 150 stores. The campaign aimed to overcome two of the fundamental obstacles to local causes taking more surplus food – storage and transport – with a €160,000 free equipment fund. One of Tesco’s three core values is ‘Every little help makes a big difference’ and it’s ‘No Time for Waste Community Chill’ campaign brings that to life in a real and impactful way that demonstrates true thought leadership and action on a major global sustainability issue. Tesco has committed to ensuring that no good food, suitable for human consumption, will go to waste from its stores in Ireland by 2020. 

For two weeks in September 2017, Tesco brought the issue of food waste to national prominence in media and with politicians while simultaneously communicating its CSR achievements honestly, openly and proudly.

William Fry – William Fry Making a Difference

In February 2017, William Fry relaunched its CSR programme under the brand “William Fry Making a Difference”. The main aim of the relaunch was to increase staff awareness of the Firm’s CSR activities and to increase staff engagement in these activities.

They developed a strategic communications plan that including branding CSR at William Fry. Using the brand and a multi-channel communications strategy they began communicating to staff in a more consistent and recognisable way about their CSR activities.

By communicating under the CSR brand, which includes 4 sub-brands – Community, Environment, Workplace and Marketplace – and using a multi-channel communications strategy William Fry have been able to significantly increase awareness among their staff of all of their CSR activities as well as increasing their staff engagement and the impact of their efforts.

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