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Sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency

AIB – AIB’s First Green Hub

Based on the outputs of the 2016 EPA Green Business waste audits, AIB decided to review current waste management processes and take action for change. One of the keys to the success of this initiative in AIB was staff engagement and empowerment which provided to staff to take ownership and take action. This project focused initially on the to-go cup issue which was generating significant waste, the project then evolved to include the segregation of waste and an awareness campaign with tangible results realised. AIB Burlington road saw a reduction of 46% of general waste volumes and prevented generation of 5,200 kg of waste Contamination due to liquids reduced by 95%.

The communication campaign for this project created awareness and was carefully thought out to make sure it was inclusive and hit the right note.

Deloitte – Deloitte’s Green Agenda Programme

Deloitte’s journey to protect the environment began in 2008. Now in its 10th year, Deloitte’s Green Agenda programme continues to make a positive impact on the environment. Sustainability is embedded in Deloitte’s business strategy at a global and local level. In Ireland, this commitment is demonstrated throughout the firm. The Green Agenda addresses several environmental issues including climate change, air pollution, water consumption, waste production, biodiversity and resource consumption. The programme has allowed Deloitte to embed sustainability into the firm’s operations while promoting employee awareness of environmental issues at home and in the office. Green Champions in each department assist the dedicated environmental team in raising awareness and encouraging employee engagement.

Deloitte’s commitment to the environment, as one of the four key pillars of their Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability programme, will continue as they strive to make a positive impact on the environment and in the community.

Eir – Fresh Eir

Eir is working to limit the impact their business makes on the environment. As one of Ireland’s major energy users the company is committed to buying 100% green electricity. However, ensuring a company of this size manages every element of their environmental impact from recycling through to waste requires a team effort and broad focus; and so the fresh eir programme was born. Created and led by 14 graduate members of eir, this programme has been instrumental in creating a culture of care and consideration for our environment.

Gas Networks Ireland – Biodiversity Programme

Undoubtedly, Gas Networks Ireland’s (GNI) business activities affect the environment in which they operate and recognise their responsibility to manage and minimise this impact on the environment and the community. GNI is committed to protecting Ireland’s biodiversity and with assets and activities all over the island of Ireland. GNI identified that there was a great opportunity for the company to enhance biodiversity and create a network of pollinator-friendly habitats across the country with the implementation of biodiversity management initiatives. In 2017, GNI kicked off a biodiversity improvement programme with the overall aim to enhance biodiversity across GNI activities and sites, and increase biodiversity awareness across the business, including awareness among GNI’s external stakeholders e.g. GNI’s contracting staff, local community etc.

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