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A&L Goodbody – A family reunification case – Serge and Giresse Kanyamuhanga

A&L Goodbody solicitors helped Serge and Giresse  Kanyamuhanga to reunite with their father after being separated for 5 years. This case is one example of how A&L Goodbody is assisting refugees in partnership with the Irish Refugee’s Council’s (IRC) Independent Law Centre.

Since A&L Goodbody’s partnership with the IRC commenced, 108 of their lawyers have assisted 34 refugee cases delivering 4,185 hours of legal work.

In this particular family reunification case, there were 6 lawyers assisting Serge and Giresse. They delivered 161 hours on the case.

Serge and Giresse Kanyamuhanga have escaped from a war-torn country The project has assisted them to claim asylum status to apply for family reunification in order to lead a normal life again. The project has also had a positive impact for the lawyers involved, having used their skillsets to help clients in a life-changing way.

Abbott Nutrition – Certificate in Abbott Management & Leadership Programme for Directors of Nursing

Abbott is in the business of life. They believe that good health is not just about treating an illness or managing a medical condition – it’s about supporting people’s health so that they can live their best lives. The Abbott Management & Leadership Programme for Directors of Nursing, endorsed by the IITD, aims to improve the standard of care, delivered to nursing home residents, through the development of professional management practices and leadership behaviours. This bespoke programme has been designed for Nursing homes with their needs and requirements and the health of nursing home residents at the forefront.

Bank of Ireland Group plc – Bank of Ireland Workbench

Workbench is a unique concept which connects entrepreneurs, BOI colleagues and the local community by offering a free dedicated space for co-working, product launches, and events that support innovation, the local community and new ideas. It has reinvented what people expect from a local bank branch. The first workbench was opened in January 2015 in Grand Canal Square. This proved to be of enormous success with over 360 events and 13, 000 people using the space in the first year it opened. Following this success, an additional five Workbenches have been opened across the country with two more opening in Dublin (Montrose and Trinity) as well as Galway, Limerick and Cork. Since then, Workbenches have welcomed over 29,000 attendees to workbench events and, hosted more than 1,300 events. It has grown to become a meeting place of choice for more established businesses who want to tap into the innovative environment.

EirGrid – EirGrid’s Six-Step Approach for Public Participation in Grid Development

EirGrid has developed a new six-step approach for public participation in grid development that begins at the initial identification of a project need and carries on to project energisation and completion. The new approach enhances EirGrid’s previous engineering approach to grid development, and transforms it into an holistic collaboration which includes environmental, economic and social considerations. It focusses from the outset on open and transparent consultation and engagement placing significant emphasis on the consideration of social impact. In particular, it promotes public understanding of a project, and public participation in decision-making throughout.  This is tightly aligned to two elements of Eirgrid’s CSR strategy: to value and support positive relationships, and to do the best job in the right way.

 This approach has transformed the way EirGrid undertakes the delivery of critical grid infrastructure in Ireland.

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