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Arthur Cox – Arthur Cox working in partnership with Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Arthur Cox is working in partnership with Trinity Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities (TCPID) School of Education to provide students with opportunities for work experience in the corporate environment. Arthur Cox agreed to offer an intern placement to one of the students with an intellectual disability who is in his second year on the programme. Upon completion of his internship the student agreed to an offer of a paid contract that commenced in June 2018.

At the end of his eight week placement the student was tasked with putting together a presentation on this work experience. Arthur Cox oversaw how the student’s confidence grew with every week of the placement and also how he became part of the team environment. At the end of the work experience period it was agreed that the firm would like to offer the student a three month paid work contract, commencing June 2018.

Eir – Eir Wellness: Live Life, Live Well

Eir is committed to providing a workplace environment that is welcoming and engaging; a place where employees can reach their full potential. For eir, employee wellness is about much more than health checks, gym memberships and flu jabs. It is about the whole person, company culture and care for the individual. The pillars of their Wellness programme encapsulate just that… Live Well…. Be Well… Think Well. The wellness programme not only improves employee health but promotes workplace camaraderie and emotional well-being.

An overview of Year 1 achievements include:

300 – people managers and safety representatives attended the eir Health, Safety and Wellbeing conference

Almost 1,000 employees participated in full health screenings in 12 months

45% of employees completed the Health score survey; almost 50% of those are field based employees

290 people signed up for the eir Challenge raising more than €67,000 for eir’s key charity partner, Special Olympics Ireland.

Friends First – Friends in the Workplace

CSR is at the heart of everything in Friends First. It is a philosophy that incorporates every aspect of their business, from their actions as an employer to how they engage with customers, Financial Brokers and the wider community. In Friends First they have 4 pillars to their CSR Programme:

  • Friends in the Marketplace
  • Friends in the Workplace
  • Friends in the Environment
  • Friends in the Community

“Performance Through People” is one of Friends First’s 4 core values. They see the overall wellbeing of their people as a critical component for them to thrive, enjoy their work and help Friends First achieve their overall business objectives. Their Health & Wellness initiative is a part of the Friends In The Workplace programme. The initiative has been evolving since 2014 and has been helping staff make healthier choices, manage their mental state, improve their financial health and successfully navigate change in their lives.

William Fry – William Fry Making a Difference in the Workplace

In early 2017, William Fry launch a Health & Wellbeing programme under the banner of William Fry Making a Difference in the Workplace. The programme focused on providing staff with supports and programmes aimed specifically at areas that they had identified in a Firm wide survey as being important to them.

Year 1 of programme incorporated a variety of offerings including:

  • Medical screenings on site
  • VDU eye testing
  • Healthy food options in the on-site canteen
  • Fitness & nutrition talks
  • Positive thinking & resilience seminars
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Expanded programme in the onsite gym
  • Budgeting seminar

Year 2 is well underway and has seen the creation of a staff led Health & Wellbeing Committee, a Health & Wellbeing Fair and an extremely well attended talk on Positivity in Challenging Times.

SL Controls Ltd – Live Well at SL / Think Well at SL

Live Well at SL and Think Well at SL are SL Controls’ workplace wellbeing programmes. Live Well at SL is an initiative by the company to promote good physical health among employees in the workplace and Think Well at SL promotes good mental health and encourages a more open approach to mental health issues. They want both to be more than just programmes and become embedded in their culture.

The Live Well at SL / Think Well project at SL project contributes to the low staff turnover at SL controls through its direct association with talent development and wellness programmes for SL controls employees.

 The project also ensures feedback for all SL controls’ employees, dealing with any of the concerns which SL controls’ employees may have in a quick and timely manner, while also providing relevant training for employees for the job at hand.

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