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Abbott – Abbott: Inspiring our people to LiveLifeWell

LiveLifeWell, Abbott’s integrated wellness programme, is an holistic programme that helps employees learn about their health risks and encourages them to make healthy choices. Abbott is deeply committed to the health and wellbeing of their employees and understands that by supporting employee health, it enables a sustainable business, reduction in lost time, increased productivity while improving health, job satisfaction and self-image for employees. Abbott’s mission is to help people fulfil their potential through good health, and that starts with their employees.

Boots Ireland – Boots & See Change: De-stigmatising Mental Health

Boots Ireland partnered with See Change in 2017 which is an alliance of over 100 organisations through the National Stigma Reduction Partnership to bring about positive change in attitudes and behaviours towards people experiencing Mental Health difficulties. This activity was supported through a range of activities including a video from Boots Ireland leadership team explaining the context behind the partnership as well as the results from an online Mental Health survey completed by employees. More than 250 managers, assistant managers and other employees received training about how to support colleagues and break down stigma around Mental Health. An online e-learning Mental Health module was also created for all employees.

Stores also participated in See Change’s Green Ribbon campaign distributing more than 20,000 green ribbons to help promote conversations and break down stigma around Mental Health.

HEINEKEN Ireland – Growing with our Communities – bringing communities together to create urban growing spaces in partnership with GIY

In 2017, HEINEKEN Ireland launched an initiative with GIY (Grow it Yourself) to create green urban growing spaces that have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on communities. The programme was ‘rooted’ among their employees with 200 volunteers helping to create three Star Community Gardens in Cork, Dublin and Waterford. They supported 10 groups with seed funding to bring urban growing to local communities.

There were several positive outcomes in employee engagement from this project, such as how 90% of participants said it allowed them to get to know colleagues from other functions and 95% of those that took part said they were very satisfied with the “Growing with our Communities” Volunteering Day

100% said it made them proud to work for HEINEKEN.

IBM – I Like It Here!

IBM’s “I like it here!” programme is about making the workplace a great place by driving employee engagement and fostering a sense of community. It’s about engaging, motivating inspiring loyalty and making employees happy.  

The “I like it here!” programme has contributed to the engagement and experience of IBM employees not only in their lives within the workplace but also in helping to improve the lives of others in our communities. IBM measures employee engagement and participation in the programme through monthly meetings with stream leaders and quarterly reporting to executive sponsors. Within IBM Digital Business, the “I like it here!” programme reports on the number of new projects within each pillar of work and the number of employees engaging in projects under the initiative over time.

Activities are recorded and published internally using communication media supports. i.e. Video and newsletter, communities and blogs.

Lidl Ireland and Lidl Northern Ireland – Work Safe. Live Well.

Lidl’s Work Safe. Live Well. programme has focused on creating an environment where the safety and wellbeing of their colleagues is prioritised. This ranges from their personal safety at work right through to their overall sense of wellbeing.

Since last year, a number of targeted initiatives have been launched to support this strategy including: Spring 2017 Continuing provision of water bottles and free fruit New Health and Wellness site on our colleague app Expansion of our benefits package to include Topaz Fuelcard, Christmas Savings Scheme, Volunteer Day.

Guided by employee feedback and aligned with key business objectives, Lidl have committed to creating a culture of wellbeing for each of their 5000 colleagues across 190+ sites around Ireland.

Outcomes have included a 2.4% decrease in smoking rates for Lidl’s store and office colleagues and a 57% increase in the number of employees participating in Lidl’s Volunteer Day.

Veolia Ireland – Veolia’s well-being evolution

The physical, mental and financial well-being of their people is at the heart of Veolia’s values. This is evidenced by how the business has embedded this concept into their business objectives, and how they are managing their well-being programme through their active risk strategy at a management level. By investing in their people, they are improving their employer brand, thus promoting a more positive employee experience.

 Veolia’s active risk strategy moves them from a compliance mindset to one where risk is managed as a natural part of all activities. Whilst there is a central focus on well-being, this manifests itself locally through initiatives such as working with local charities, promoting healthy eating and raising general awareness around mental, physical and financial health.

They also have health surveillance and well-being assessments across all sites and give employees access to occupational services.

Workday – Workday: Fostering a Great Place to Work

Workday has fostered a great workplace to attract and retain talented people. This ranges from providing an innovative physical workplace to designing thoughtful employee engagement.

In October 2015 Workday moved from a 5,000 sq.ft. facility that started out with 18 employees to a new HQ of 85,000 sq.ft in Smithfield, Dublin 7. Today, Workday accommodates over 800 employees, with this figure growing.

Workday set out to create a great workplace by focusing on the physical workplace and employee engagement, with employees being consulted on the location and the design of the building, while various initiatives were implemented to support employees.

Workday’s efforts to foster a great workplace and involve employees directly were rewarded by winning the ‘Great Place to Work’ category in the Best Large Workplace 2017 competition and coming in at 2ndplace in the ‘Great Place to Work’ category for the Best Large Workplace 2018 competition.

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