Excellence in CSR by an SME

•    BCP Asset Management – BCP Staff Volunteering Programme 
•    Colbert & Co – C&C Paperless Office 
•    Hayes Culleton – Introducing Wall Street to the Classroom 
•    The Carmabola Ltd – Carmabola Kidz Foundation – Sponsored Library at St Thomas’ SNS, Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 
•    Three Q PERMS – Nurse Jobs Ireland – Celebrate Nurses our Everday Heroes (#Celebratenurses) 

BCP Asset Management – BCP Staff Volunteering Programme
BCP has always supported charities in the form of annual donations and supporting their staff’s fundraising initiatives. However, in order to really make a difference they felt that it was important to donate their time as well. This is why BCP created the Staff Volunteering Programme. Every quarter the staff of BCP nominates a charity that is close to one of their hearts. BCP then volunteer their time to help the charity in any way that the charity feels is most beneficial. For example, the first project involved cooking dinner for the families of Ronald MacDonald House, a hospice for seriously ill children. The programme benefits the community and the workplace and will hopefully make a significant difference for the charities it helps. 

Colbert & Co – C&C Paperless Office
Colbert & Co Estate Agents are a young innovative company committed to becoming an Entirely Paperless Office by year end 2014. Through team work, risk taking and thinking outside the box they have created a business that will not only benefit their customers but generations to come. Over the past year Colbert & Co. has dedicated their time to reducing their paper usage by 60% with the hope to being entirely paperless by end of 2014. 
Through online signature systems, cloud storage and handheld tablets Colbert & Co has now reduced each file down to essential documents only which amount to 22 pages.  The office target is to be paperless by November 2014.

Hayes Culleton – Introducing Wall Street to the Classroom
“Introducing Wall Street to the Classroom” is an 8 week Transition Year module which is aimed to arm students with an introductory basic knowledge of navigating and investing in the stock market.Hayes Culleton developed the instructional design, presentation slides, teachers’ notes, blog posts, a suite of videos, and suggestions as to how to dovetail the content with Leaving Cert subjects and a set of useful links and multimedia as the materials for the programme.  Hayes Culleton delivered in-services to teachers around the country as well as to undergraduate students in UL to enable teachers to bring the education into the classroom immediately.
The module is now taught in Transition Year across Ireland. The MD, Susan HayesCulleton speaks each year at the “Professional Development Services for Teachers” Annual Conference and has since co-published “Positive Economics”, with two teachers which is now the market-leading Leaving Cert economics textbook on the syllabus.

The Carmabola Ltd – Carmabola Kidz Foundation – Sponsored Library at St Thomas’ SNS, Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin
Carambola Kidz Foundation, the charitable arm of Carambola.ie – Ireland’s leading supplier of bespoke healthy school lunches to disadvantaged schools, provided the seed capital and formed a team that helped create a library in St Thomas’s Senior National School in Jobstown, Tallaght, Co.Dublin.
The library, a formerly dowdy computer room was transformed into a bright, colourful space with the help of many people both within Carambola and without and was opened with great excitement in January 2014 by Sorcha Furlong, best known as Orla in RTE’s Fair City 
Colm O’Brien, Carambola.ie Founder and MD said “By establishing the Library at St Thomas’s, we are taking the 100-year view of the impact their work will have. It is their absolute belief that some child will read a book, just because it’s there, and in doing so will take a different path and that that very act will change the world forever.”

Three Q PERMS – Nurse Jobs Ireland – Celebrate Nurses our Everday Heroes (#Celebratenurses) 
‘Celebrate Nurses our Everyday Heroes’ is an initiative to get positive recognition for Nurses in society. Three Q has been campaigning for Nurses online and offline since May 2013 to get Nurses the thanks they deserve. Their online E-book #CelebrateNurses is an online collection of comments for Nurses to reinforce the positive recognition of their work. #CelebrateNurses has grown from an in-house event to an event that includes key stakeholders in the nursing industry as well being inclusive of everyone in society.
Their goal is to get all members of society to #CelebrateNurses during International Nurses Week and eventually have a Celebrate Nurses Day that is recognised as a national day. Nurse Jobs Ireland will continue to actively campaign for the positive recognition of the nursing profession in society through online promotion, representation and engagement with nurses, nursing representative bodies and the general public.

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