Excellence in CSR by an SME

Continuum— Digital Strategy for Chernobyl Children’s International ***WINNER***
For Continuum it was part of the company ethos and partnership responsibility to give back and assist charities and communities help themselves.  CCI now has a comprehensive platform and strategic five years plan to allow them to fully harness the internet and promote their cause.  CCI can now fundraise online, broadcast to multiple social media channels, manage all content, track and understand the analytics and site visitor behaviours.  This initiative expands charity fundraising activities and global reach to promote the nuclear meltdown and how it affects the lives of a new generation after more than a quarter of a century.  
The initiative was communicated through internal communication at Continuum, its employees are very aware of its active CSR policy.  Internal workshops and discussions have provided feedback that the staff is proud of their CSR work and the role the company has played in a wider market. 

Peninsula Business Services— Changing the employment landscape
Peninsula Business Services took part in an international trade mission to create jobs and enterprise in Ireland by communicating the positive employment law landscape in Ireland.  The initiative gained benefits and support through the Irish Technology Leadership Group, generated jobs and created overseas relationships to ensure it continually works together.  By the creation of new job opportunities and financial input from the organizations whom attended the trade mission.  Through this programme, peninsula has assisted to secure jobs for thousands of Irish employees in the technology sector making a huge difference by providing experience, work and enterprise to the Irish market, all supporting growth in Ireland. 
Peninsula’s employment law team produced detailed information that was presented in several meetings and presentation in the cities of San Jose and Salinas where they met with key member of the Irish American business, technology, and agricultural sectors.  In December 2011 the ITCG announced they would partner with Drogheda and the Eastern Region as a “Gateway to Silicon Valley” partner, supporting a number of areas and reviving benefits worth €50,000 through a global campaign to support Irish jobs.  This was communicated through the local and national press, newsletter and it was RTE’s Local Heroes series. 

Bush Hotel— CSR at the Bush Hotel
Bush Hotel’s mission is to provide exceptional honest, ethical and personal service in a respectful way.  They are passionate about their environment, community and employees and their policy encompasses all sector of CSR.   The objectives of the initiative are to formally develop the Bush Hotel’s first Corporate Social Policy.  
In relation to Sport we provide financial and BIK assistance to support needs for additional resources.  In Education it provides specifically needed work experience placements programs and support research initiatives, host site visits and deliver formal lecture presentations to interest groups.  It supports:
• The need of the Disadvantaged financially and with other resources and BIK. 
• In Environment management we deliver needs of best practices models in energy, water and waste conservation with many innovative initiatives and awareness programs 
• Local Business through our responsible purchasing policy, local product placement in house, etc. 
• Arts, Culture and History with in house exhibitions, displays, artist in residence,  financial and BIK assistance
Every employee at the Bush is involved in and contributes in delivering this initiative and they are currently updated.  Other ways of the staff and public being informed include traditional and social media

Three Q Recruitment— Three Q Recruitment and Jobcare – working together for Dublin’s jobseekers
Three Q Recruitment works with Jobcare, a Dublin jobseekers support programme, by providing mock interviews, job search training for support staff, member, corporate and financial support through the provision of job seeking materials.  Considering its company size, it believes that the contributions are vast and highly valued by jobseekers.  Three Q Recruitment’s main objective is to convert as many Jobcare members into employment as possible, to give direct employment in the Three W Recruitment to as many suitable Jobcare members as possible, to ensure we can offer support to Jobcare in as many ways possible, and to increase awareness about Three Q Recruitment amongst Jobcare members and the wilder Dublin City Community. 
Three Q’s Managing Director regularly attends Jobcare events where she speaks to participants in their programmes.  Three Q’s also sponsors materials required by Jobcare’s job clubs such as USB stick and interview tips card.  The staff at all levels is involved with this initiative.  Due to its deep employee involvement, this programme has seen success and these as well as updates are posted on Three Q’s website, e-newsletters and social media. 

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