Excellence in CSR by an SME

•    BCP Asset Management – Quarterly Volunteering Project
•    Ceridian Ireland – The PayBack Foundation
•    DHR Communications – Working with and for The Liberties
•    HSF Health Plan – Review of Grant Making Policy and revised strategy to increase grant making especially in Ireland
•    Law Society of Ireland – The Calcutta Run – The Legal Fundraiser
•    Three Q Perms – ‘Making what we do WORK for Others’
•    Yellow Harbour – ‘Charity Company Collaboration’ The 3 C Principle

BCP Asset Management – Quarterly Volunteering Project
The BCP Quarterly Volunteering Project enables all BCP employees to work together with their community to create a more beneficial and positive environment. The charities that BCP work with on a quarterly basis are all nominated by their employees and the fundraising and volunteering projects all start with direct communication between BCP staff and the nominated charity. This project has been running for 16 months and already they have helped charities for the homeless, charities for disabled patients, community initiatives and a children’s hospital. This project aims to cross borders between social and environmental sustainability and openness in the workplace and marketplace. By providing the springboard to that allows BCP employees to initiate projects that they might not have otherwise been able to achieve. BCP are creating a motivated and engaged workforce. 

Ceridian Ireland – The PayBack Foundation
The PayBack Foundation is Ceridian’s own charity, funded entirely through voluntary donations and fundraising activities. Ceridian employees run and take part in fundraising activities to support PayBack.

The PayBack Foundation aims to help disabled and disadvantaged children who live in the vicinity of Ceridian offices.  It endeavours to support named individuals as part of an on-going and long-term relationship by offering every effort to support children with physical, emotional or learning difficulties. 

DHR Communications – Working with and for The Liberties
DHR Communications is a leading PR company, based in The Liberties since 2014. Many of DHR’s clients are local stakeholders and a number of employees are Dublin 8 residents.

DHR’s location is a key part of their corporate identity and they are strongly committed to the area. In recognition of this, DHR has built a CSR programme aimed at using their employees’ skills to enhance the local community. 
By concentrating on what they do best, DHR delivers their CSR programme through their core business activities. They provide PR support to a number of local groups and facilitate employees to participate on boards and provide strategic counsel to community organisations.  
DHR draws on their experience in media relations, political communications and stakeholder engagement – and their knowledge of Dublin 8 – to promote a better image of The Liberties and work with local people to ensure the community achieves its full potential.

HSF Health Plan – Review of Grant Making Policy and revised strategy to increase grant making especially in Ireland
The strategic review (2011-12) transformed the leadership, processes and approach at the Hospital Saturday Fund. With a new Chief Executive and Charity Manager, the project created a strategy to ensure the sustainability and greater impact of grant making in Ireland and UK for many years to come. 

Changes included:  
•    Revised Reserves Policy stating the intention to increase grant making to €1.39m by 2017
•    Strengthening the team with an additional Charity Administrator to process the increase in grant applications.
•    Implementing a new database (Salesforce) to improve efficiency and reporting
•    Increasing the number of larger grants (€12k) for extended impact
•    Visiting medical schools across Ireland and the UK (20 in the past four years), and creating a new policy of disbursing €56k to medical schools rather than funding individual students
•    Hosting Charity Receptions and attending networking events in Ireland and the UK to increase presence and grant making in previously under-represented regions

Law Society of Ireland – The Calcutta Run – The Legal Fundraiser
The Legal Fundraiser is a CSR initiative designed to engage all members of the legal profession as well as its own staff to work towards an objective of helping disadvantaged youths in Dublin and Calcutta, and at the same time using the initiative to encourage other CSR endeavours amongst legal firms and barristers. It started as a 10km run 16 years ago but over the years it has developed into the legal professions annual fundraising event including an ‘Official Fundraising Day’. The event now has a 5km and 10km route, a tennis tournament, a cycling element and a ‘Finish Line Festival’ which includes a barbecue, music, entertainment, plenty of activities for children and lots more for over 1,200 participants. To date, over 16 years, the initiative has raised €3 million for the Peter McVerry Trust and GOAL.

Three Q Perms – ‘Making what we do WORK for Others’
Three Q Perms CSR strategy ‘Making what we do Work for Others’ is the basis for all their CSR projects under their Three Pillars – Unemployed, In-demand Job Seekers and Hiring Charities. 
Three Q Perms projects are driven by their greatest asset, their people. They know that their time can be invaluable to those who are looking to get into work, move up in their career or support a charity that is looking to hire the best talent.  As a recruitment agency Three Q Perm are ‘In the Business of Jobs for People’ and their CSR initiatives are further commitments to this goal.  Their CSR strategy is embedded in the way we they business and their actions must reflect their core vision, mission and purpose for being in business. They operate to achieve a profit but in a way that builds up people in the process. Three Q Perm are a business that believes in valuing people and this is essential to achieving success as a recruitment company.

Yellow Harbour – ‘Charity Company Collaboration’ The 3 C Principle
Joan. F. Marques once famously said
“It’s easier to take than to give. It’s nobler to give than to take. The thrill of taking lasts a day. The thrill of giving lasts a lifetime.” 

Yellow Harbour’s management have put their money where their mouth is and developed a company that has the potential to make a significant impact on society and enable everyone, no matter how rich or poor to experience that thrill of a lifetime by giving to someone who needs a little help.
They enable structure and transparency to ensure that the organisations looking after their most vulnerable have the support, financial and otherwise, to make our society a better one.

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