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  Arthur Cox – Zambia Project 
•    Deloitte – The Consultancy for Change Volunteering Trip 
•    IBM Ireland – IBM Corporate Service Corps Program 

Arthur Cox – Zambia Project
The Zambia Project is a trainee pioneered initiative designed to raise standards of living in rural regions of Zambia, by developing and investing in health, agriculture and education infrastructure, hand in hand with local communities. The Project transformed one of the most dilapidated rural health clinics in south western Zam bia, servicing 5,700 people, into the leading rural clinic in the district and has constructed a bespoke maternity ward and sanitation facilities to supplement the clinic. It educates farmers in better farming practices and has brought rice farming to the region for the first time, tackling severe food insecurity and hunger for many hundreds of families. The Arthur Cox trainees are now embarking on a new chapter to build radio schools to provide a government-approved curriculum to the children who cannot attend formal schools due to geographical and financial barriers. 
The Project focuses on sustainability and community partnership. 

Deloitte – The Consultancy for Change Volunteering Trip
The Deloitte Nurture Africa ‘Consultancy for Change’ Volunteering trip offers their staff an opportunity to volunteer overseas where they can put their professional skills to use for some community organisations in Uganda. Deloitte staff are able to up skill local people with computer programmes such as Excel, give financial advice on basic P&L accounds, and complete financial statements. Volunteers help out with strategic advice and planning for grant applications and forming policies as well helping with some organisational matters for the charity’s offices. 
The skill set of the volunteers is not just limited to the professional arena and the energetic workforce but they are also able to put in their enthusiasm, energy and other non-work related skills into the charity’s various projects including library and sports classes with local schools. Deloitte have engaged in this initiative, as there is a strong interest among the staff to put their time and skills into volunteering opportunities. 

IBM Ireland – IBM Corporate Service Corps Program
The Corporate Service Corps helps provide IBMers with high quality leadership development while delivering high quality problem solving for communities and organisations in emerging markets. The program empowers IBM employees as global citizens by sending groups of 10-15 individuals from different countries with a range of skills to an emerging market for four week community-based assignments. During the assignment, participants perform community-driven economic development, healthcare and education projects working at the intersection of business, technology, and society. 
IBM’s Corporate Service Corps contributes expertise that’s far more valuable than cash. Yet, this approach doesn’t only solve problems and create value. It aslso builds skills and capabilities that can contribute real and sustainable solutions to many of the world’s toughest challenges. 
By the end of 2014, IBM will have developed almost 3,000 employees to projects in over 35 countries globally. 

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