Excellence in Workplace

    Abbott Ireland – LiveLifeWell
•    Citi – Diversity Employee Networks
•    Intel Ireland – Health for Life
•    Microsoft – One Microsoft
•    Oracle – Language Exchange Program

Abbott Ireland – LiveLifeWell
LiveLifeWell is a commitment from Abbott management to employee’s wellness.  It embraces a culture of caring at Abbott showing that there is time and resources for employees to look after their wellness at work.   LiveLifeWell is a collaborative “One Abbott” approach to employee wellness across multiple sites. 

Citi – Diversity Employee Networks
The Citi Ireland Diversity Employee Networks fosters a culture where the best people want to work, where people are promoted on their merits, where respect is demanded and valued for others and where opportunities to develop are widely available to all – regardless of differences.

Intel Ireland – Health for Life
Intel is committed to developing a culture in which employees and their families are healthy, productive, and engaged in living wellness-oriented lifestyles every day. Intel’s Health for Life program is designed to inspire and motivate employees to take action toward achieving their best possible health and quality of life.

**WINNER** Microsoft – One Microsoft **WINNER**
One Microsoft is an initiative aimed at creating a connected, agile community for employees. The emphasis is on inspiring new, better ways of working and thinking. It is an employee-centric approach that takes staff feedback into account to create a workplace which brings out the best in Microsoft’s staff.

Oracle – Language Exchange Program
Oracle is committed to using its technology and resources to advance education in innovative ways and promote diversity. With 1000 employees with various backgrounds, this provides employees with a unique opportunity to connect and learn from one another. This program is a great means to acquire language skills with the help of their colleagues, but at the same token it allows people to coach the “student” in this endeavour. This allows both sides to benefit from the experience. 

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