Investment in Infrastructure Brings About Untold Economic Benefits

Apr 8, 2016

In recent years and months Chambers Ireland has repeatedly called for strategic investment in infrastructure. As part of our General Election manifesto, A Vision for 2021, we called on the next Government to be resolute in its commitment to secure and sustain our economic future and focus on the development of our capacity to grow. Capital investment is needed to ensure that economic development is experienced in all regions.

At the time of writing, negotiations on the formation of Government have broken down and the country continues to operate in a political vacuum. There will be no decisions on policy planning for infrastructure, planning reform or a National Planning Framework (NPF) until a new Government is in place. Whatever the composition of this new Government, we will be pressing for the prioritisation of not just investment in infrastructure but for an efficient planning system and a NPF that addresses the need for economic growth across all regions.

It is in this context that yesterday we welcomed the announcement by DAA to progress plans to develop a second runway at Dublin Airport. This infrastructure development will bring multifaceted benefits to the national economy. Increasing capacity and connectivity at Dublin Airport doesn’t just benefit the Dublin region but the increased ability to create new international routes will open access to new markets for all Irish business. Increasing capacity will allow for further potential growth in the tourism sector as it will allow for increased passenger numbers therefore potential for greater numbers of overseas visitors.

Improving our national infrastructure also helps to secure our ability to retain and attract Foreign Direct Investment. When the next Government is in place we will be strongly urging investment in key infrastructure projects that can address the challenges of poor connectivity between our cities and that can support economic development and growth in all regions. 

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