Chambers Ireland Best Practice Manual

Chambers are organisations, like any business, that require structure, planning and implementation. This manual is designed to offer you advice and information on the structure, activities and services of your chamber. Its contents are a collection of best practices from Chambers throughout Ireland and right across the world.

Please click links below to download the Chambers Ireland Best Practice Manual

Manual Part 1

Manual Part 2

Our hope is that using this manual will help you engage better with your local business community.

Each chapter will deal with a specific element of chamber’s work, pinpointing the areas that can make a Chamber more efficient, commercially viable and ultimately successful. Some of the main focus areas are sources of funding, structures, case studies and models of best practice implemented by various chambers at home and abroad.

A manual such as this will never be complete, so much so, that we have left it in a format that will allow you to update and make additions where necessary. You may find that some points have been duplicated in different sections, however, this saves cross-referencing, allowing each chapter to stand-alone.

Chambers are constantly changing, so ideas contained in this handbook are only a guide. You may have found your own model of best practice. If so please share it with us so we can incorporate it in to future versions of this model.

Please email your changes to

Sit back and enjoy the read and good luck!

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