COVID-19 Business Impacts Survey Report

Wordcloud of Survey Responses to Government Action Needed in Response to COVID-19

Chambers Ireland have published a report on the results of a new survey taking into account responses from over 1,000 businesses across the country through the Chamber Network.

To access the survey report, click here.

To read the press release on the survey published on 24 March 2020, click here

The headline results are:

  • 94% of businesses see their revenue declining over the coming three months
  • 73% of businesses expect their revenue to decline by in excess of 25%
  • Cashflow, Revenue, and Staffing are the critical issues for businesses
  • Cashflow and Revenue are of greatest concern to Sole Traders, and Micro-businesses (<10 employees) [This sector accounts for in excess of 92% of businesses, and 69% of jobs in the workforce]
  • Temporary closures only impacting a minority of businesses (Hospitality in particular) but deeply affects these sectors.
  • Staffing is of concern to certain sectors, particularly Digital, Agrifood, Transport, and Retail.
  • No part of the country feels unaffected, though the midlands are slightly more concerned about staffing problems.


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