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Guide for SMEs to the Companies Act 2014
The Companies Act is the largest piece of legislation ever to come into effect in Ireland and fundamentally changes the legal environment in which businesses operate. The aim of this guide is to highlight the most important pieces of information for companies in a clear and concise manner.
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CSR & SMEs: Choosing a Charity Partner
This guide is designed to show the benefits that having a CSR programme can bring to SMEs. It also outlines practical tips on how to go about choosing a charity partner.
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The Sustainability Factor: Corporate Social Responsibility and SMEs
A Smarter Business Guide outlining the range of ways in which SMEs can engage in Corporate Social Responsibility with positive benefits for their business.
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Smarter Business Guide to the Smart Economy
This guide features information and case studies on businesses that have turned the recession to their advantage and changed their business model to adapt.
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Smarter Business Guide to Energy Efficiency
A Smarter Business Guide that highlights even more bright ideas to make your business more energy efficient.
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Smarter Business Guide to EU Funding for Innovation
A Smarter Business Guide for businesses looking to innovate with information about the various options for EU funding for innovation.
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