Blanket Wage Increases Will Cost Jobs

Feb 1, 2015

Chambers Ireland had today (01/02/15) labelled SIPTU’s calls for a 5% blanket wage increase plus an increase in the minimum wage to €11.45 ridiculous.

Speaking this morning, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive, Chambers Ireland said “SITPU’s calls for blanket wage increases are completely unrealistic and doing hard working employees a disservice by setting unattainable expectations. An increase of over 30% to the minimum wage would only serve to force companies out of business and cost jobs.”

“There has been no inflation in Ireland since 2007 and we must do everything we can to regain our competitiveness.  Right now, we cannot afford to do anything to derail our recovery but must focus on improving our competitiveness and creating jobs.”

“The current situation in Greece shows that the recovery in Europe is fragile. Ireland has made progress in recent years but we need to remain cautious on our route to recovery.  The number one goal for Ireland right now is getting as many people back to work as possible. Proposals such as this not only run counter to this goal but also place an unfair burden on those businesses trying to grow and create jobs,” he concluded. 

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For further information please contact Amy Woods, Chambers Ireland on 014004319, 086 6081605 or email

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