Business Needs to See Progress and Certainty from EU-UK Brexit Negotiations

Jun 22, 2017

In advance of today’s (22 June 2017) EU Council Meeting, Chambers Ireland welcomes the progress made in the first round of Brexit negotiations.

Speaking this morning, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot, said that the efficient agreement of timelines and priorities for the negotiations was encouraging.

“What business needs to see now is substantial progress on the more procedural elements of the UK’s exit from the EU.  Our own concerns are less with the exit package and more with what the UK and EU intends its future relationship to be. The UK is a significant trading partner, not just for Ireland but for almost every member of the EU. Both parties to the negotiations must be realistic about the necessity for an engaged and open trading relationship following the UK’s departure. Ireland in particular has deep historical, social and economic ties with the United Kingdom and this connection will continue regardless of whether the UK is a member of the EU or not.”

“We urge both negotiating teams to press ahead with the business of finalising the terms concerning citizens’ rights, the financial settlement and matters concerning the border with Northern Ireland so that negotiations on the nature of the future relationship can commence in earnest.”

“In the meantime, the Irish government must focus on matters within its own control. We must get on with the task of building a more competitive, more resilient economy. It is important that we  do not lose this opportunity to invest in new capital projects and upgrade existing infrastructure, particularly our transport links. Businesses need to be reassured that  necessary supports will be forthcoming. A year on from the UK’s referendum, we are no more certain what kind of economic and trading relationship we will ultimately have with the UK. What we do know, is that if we miss this opportunity to prepare for any negative consequences of Brexit, the Irish economy will certainly suffer. Protecting ourselves from that possibility must be Government’s top priority.”


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