European Commission Recommendations Highlight Need for Capital Investment

May 28, 2016

The European Commission Country Specific Recommendations released today (18 May 2016) highlight a worrying risk of critical under investment in Ireland’s economy.

Speaking today on the recommendations, Ian Talbot, Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said, “Ireland has a growing population and an expanding economy, and needs significant capital investment to support this growth. The recommendations highlight a risk of a structural shift in the profile of Government expenditure, with much needed capital expenditure and investment being sacrificed for current expenditure. By necessity the Government was forced to reduce capital expenditure significantly during the crisis but we must now reverse this pattern as a matter of urgency and prioritise capital investment or we will jeopardise future growth prospects.

“Government must critically review their expenditure priorities and ensure that badly needed capital programmes in the areas of housing, transport, and water infrastructure are prioritised to ensure Ireland’s growth can continue.”


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