EXPLORE Programme and initiatives to upskill workforce are to be encouraged

Jun 7, 2018

Commenting on today’s (7 June 2018) launch of the EXPLORE Programme from the Department of Education and Skills,

Chambers Ireland Chief Executive Ian Talbot said,

“We welcome today’s launch of the EXPLORE Programme and encourage the development of similar schemes which foster further learning and upskilling opportunities for people currently in employment across the country.

Manufacturing is a significant employment sector in Ireland and as the skills requirements involved diversify, initiatives such as the EXPLORE programme will be vital platforms to bolster our national competitiveness.

There is much to be gained from developing a greater culture of upskilling and life-long learning as employment continues to grow. 

This week the CSO announced another 10-year low for national unemployment – as Ireland’s labour force moves closer to full employment, adjustments must be made to the National Training Fund to refocus resources to provide greater upskilling opportunities for those in employment.”


For further information please contact Gabriel Doran, Communications & Public Affairs Executive  on 01 400 4331, 086 608 1605 or email gabriel.doran@www.chambers.ie

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