Government Minimum Pricing Strategies must be “All Island”

Oct 24, 2013

Alcohol Strategy Must be Coordinated

In a joint statement, Chambers Ireland and the British Irish Chamber of Commerce have today (24/10/13) said that the new alcohol strategy for the Republic of Ireland which will introduce a minimum price for alcohol must be a coordinated measure with Northern Ireland to ensure a level playing field on both sides of the border.  

Any introduction of minimum prices or other regulations which only take effect on one side of the border will create an artificial competitive differentiator, create unhelpful volatility and have a severe impact on business. Instead this topic should be used as an opportunity for Governments on both sides of the border to begin to look at this Island as a single market and introduce common strategies. 


For further information contact Amy Woods, Chambers Ireland on +353 1 400 4319, 086 6081605 or email 

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