Level of Employment in Foreign Multinationals an Affirmation that Ireland is a Great Place to Work

Jan 6, 2015

The IDA end-of-year report today (06/01/16) revealed an increase of 19,000 jobs in IDA-backed firms in 2015, with one in five private sector jobs now linked to FDI companies.

Commenting on the IDA announcement, Ian Talbot, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive said, “We must recognise the tremendous contribution that FDI companies continue to make to Ireland’s economy. To have one in five private sector workers employed either directly or indirectly by foreign multinationals is both a testament to the hard work of agencies like the IDA and an affirmation that Ireland is indeed a great place to live and work.”

“The key challenge for Ireland and the next Government will be to ensure that we support our small businesses and entrepreneurs so that they can scale their businesses, grow exports and increase their share of national employment created. The next Government must deliver tax equalisation for the self-employed, ensure that employment regulation does not become a barrier to increasing employment levels and endeavour to ensure that rising wage costs do not make Irish companies uncompetitive.”

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