New Cabinet Must Move Quickly To Address Critical Issues

May 6, 2016

Ian Talbot, Chief Executive Chambers Ireland said today (6 May 2016), “We would like to congratulate Enda Kenny on his re-election as Taoiseach and the members of Cabinet on their appointment as Ministers. We acknowledge that the negotiation process involved in the formation of Government has been a difficult and exhausting process for all involved. Nonetheless, this Government must immediately turn it’s attentions to addressing the significant challenges that are facing our economy and country.”

“Lack of housing supply, education and skills imbalances, the urgent need for investment in key infrastructure and the necessity to plan to weather the storm of potential external economic shocks are challenges that must be addressed swiftly and the restructuring of Ministries to address some of these issues is welcomed. This Cabinet has a unique opportunity to implement the policies necessary to secure Ireland’s future and deliver a stronger economy and better society for all.”

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