Now is the Time to Build for the Future, Not Just the Next Budget

Jul 16, 2015

Chambers Ireland is today (16/07/15) representing the Chamber Network at the Government’s National Economic Dialogue. Chambers Ireland will advocate for the needs of the business community across Ireland as the Government prepare for Budget 2016.

Speaking today, Mark O’Mahoney, Director of Policy and Communications, Chambers Ireland said, “This forum is a great opportunity for the Chamber Network to articulate the needs of the business community. The State has finite resources and we need to ensure that the best choices are made on how to use these resources to ensure that we have a society that we, and future generations, will want to live and work in.”

“We need to ensure significant levels of capital expenditure to keep pace with our recovery. There are a number of infrastructure projects, particularly in transport, which need investment now to ensure our connectivity and attractiveness as a place to do business. Investment to develop affordable and accessible childcare is also vital. Proper access to affordable childcare services has positive implications for female labour market participation, the social well-being of children, the gender-pay gap, and Government revenues due to higher labour participation rates.”

“We need to encourage a new generation of entrepreneurs to invest and take risks. With adjustments to the tax system, we have the opportunity to foster a real culture of entrepreneurship which rewards innovation and risk taking. Successful entrepreneurs create jobs and help the economy grow. This goes hand in hand with local economic development. Now that we are on the right track, it is time to ensure that our recovery is reaching all areas of the economy.”

“While these are key areas to be considered for Budget 2016, it is important that we look beyond October and build for the future. We need to ensure we are creating the kind of Ireland that we want our children and grandchildren to live in,” he concluded.


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