Press release regarding Martin Shanahan’s planned departure from the IDA

Jul 6, 2022

On the announcement that Martin Shanahan is leaving his role as CEO of the IDA, Chambers Ireland Chief Executive, Ian Talbot said


“I want to thank Martin for his years of service in the IDA and for the great work he has done profiling Ireland on the international stage.

“Martin has been an excellent fit for this role mirroring the energy, dynamism and professionalism of the IDA itself.

“His stewardship of the IDA through many difficult and challenging years has prepared it for the shock-prone world that we have emerged into after the pandemic.

“The IDA’s role will only prove to be even more important to Ireland in the coming years, and Martin’s efforts there have ensured that his successor will have the strongest of foundations to build upon. We also wish Martin every success in the next phase of his career.”

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