Savings from Croke Park Must Be Maximised

Oct 10, 2012

Chambers Ireland has today (10/10/12) called on the Government to maximise potential savings from the Croke Park Agreement and make sure that all possibilities are on the table for discussion. The call comes in advance of the latest meeting of the Croke Park Implementation Group.

Speaking this morning, Seán Murphy, Chambers Ireland Deputy Chief Executive said “Public sector reforms are urgently needed if we are to close the deficit and balance the State’s books. There are a range of cuts which can be made that do not damage employment or affect frontline services, with public service allowances at the top of the list. Government is borrowing €1 billion a month and significant savings from allowances must surely be attainable as a contribution towards closing the gap.”

“A three year pause on increments must be implemented. Despite the fact that their employer faces a massive deficit, unions continue to argue for pay increases in the form of increments.”

“With the budget just around the corner, the Croke Park Agreement must be maximised to its full potential with every possible saving delivered upon. This will reduce the need for tax and levy increases that do so much damage to employment and the domestic economy,” he concluded.


For further information contact Amy Woods, Chambers Ireland on 01 400 4319, 086 6081605 or email

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